Hello From SSgt. Bradford

May 17, 2005

Mrs. Owens' class,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write back but things have been very busy in Iraq. I just received you package and everyone loved all the goodies. Those cookies disappeared in about 5 minutes.


I have really grown to like Iraq most of the people here are very nice to us. If you came to Iraq with just a little bit of money you would be rich.


The weather here is getting very hot. By 10:00 am it is usually 100 degrees and stays that way all day.


Sorry I do not know anyone here named Matt. Sometimes the kids do get hurt by accident. The Marines of my unit do everything they can to help everyone who is hurt by the insurgents.


I sleep in a small room with one other Marine. We have two very small beds and no TV. We have and air conditioner that works some of the time. The food here is pretty good. Some days I eat MREs and those are not very good. They come in a plastic bag.


I came to Iraq because the Iraqi people need our help to rebuild their country. They also need us to protect them from the bad guys in Iraq.


I miss my family very much and I can not wait to get home and see them. I miss Mrs. Owens and her family very much too. When I go out in town to work on the schools I have to wear almost 40 pounds of gear. This gear helps protect me if a bomb goes off near me.


Thanks for the email please write back soon.


The kids do go to school here and they love it. When they go in they are smiling and when the leave they are smiling.


In those big muddy bags are everything I need while I am in Iraq. They have all my cloths and gear.

A third grade student

The food here is pretty good but the food your class sent was much better.


We carry a lot of different guns. I carry a M9 pistol, a M16 rifle, and a M240G machine gun.


When I come home I will bring some Iraqi money to your school so you can see it up close.


I like the machine gun too, it is called a M240G.


I have attached some more pictures of my unit.


We are forced to wear all the gear to protect us from bombs. The gears weighs almost 40 pounds.


Unfortunately we never get to wear shorts and even when it is 120 degrees we have to wear pants and long sleeves.


Most of the kids here wear similar cloths to yours. I will send some pictures so you can see the kids at school.

Thank you all for your questions please keep them coming.

Your friend,
Staff Sergeant Dennis Bradford
Fallujah, Iraq


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 18, 2005