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From our friends in Japan

Letters from students at Yamato School are in black; letters from Delmar Generation Y students are in brown.

Hello friends in US,

thank you so much for your replies. I'm so glad to read your messages. Now we are making papers for our research about Japanese cars. We are so glad that we knew your transportation around your school.

I have a new question, do you see any Japanese cars around your school? Or, if are there anything about cars, please tell us for our research. Thank you so much for replying our letters.

Your Japanese friend,

Dear Ayano,

Hi! My name is Jessica. We are glad to write to you. We do not see any Japanese cars around our school. My mom has a gold Ford Windstar. It is a van. My dad has a blue Ford truck. I'll talk to you soon.

Gen Yes student,

Dear Ayano,

Hi my name is Michelle. I would like to say I did not see any of the Japanese cars around my school. My mom and dad have a car. My mom has a tan van. My dad has a bluesh Honda. For Example a Blazer. I hope this is good for your research. I hope that you get a good grade if they are graded. Well good luck.

Gen Y student,

Hello, my name is Minori. I'm 11 years old in the fifth grade. We are happy to get letters from your school. please answer my question. How many classes do your grade have? We are in the fifth grade. How about you? We have five classes and in each class there are 33 students in our class. thanks for your answer.

Hello, my name is Miyuki.

I'm in the fifth grade. We are now learning about cars in social studies. Please try to answer to my question. What is the company that made the large number of cars in US? Which cars do you see in daily life? Ford or another cars? In Japan Toyota is the best seller car company. So many people drive Toyota cars. thanks for your answer.

your Japanese friend,

Hello dear students in US,

thank you so much to asnwer our questions. I'm 11 years old in the fifth grade. I have a brother. I have another question, Which is more usual using cars or bikes in daily life? My mother did not drive any car, so she uses bike everyday.

Ayano, your Japanese friend.

Hello my name is Miku. I go to Yamato elementary school like Haruka. How many students are there in your school? We have about one thousand. I have five brothers. I'm in the middle of my family. They are so good for me. There are seven people in my family. We are using Nissan car. How about your cars? Please tell us next time.

Thank you so much for telling your info.

Hello, my name is Ayame who is in the fifth grade. Now we are working about car project in social studies. What do you learn in your social studies? Do you like social studies? I like it very much. Do you like sports? What sports do you play? After school I play tennis. There are some competitions. Of course I play on the competitions. Our school is 100 years old. So we are planning special events for the anniversary.


Hello dear Elizabeth, Linzy, Allison,

thank you so much for writing letters for me. this time I'd like to ask another question, What are the names for Elizabeth's cars? And please tell me about Mia. Is he American player? I'm sorry I don't know him. My favorite soccer player is Beccam. I think you know well about Beccam.

Hello my name is Syoutaro. Do you know about US cars? Do you learn about cars in your social studies? What do you have cars in your family? I'm now learning about Japanese cars in social studies. In my home we have a Japanese car. This is the first time to write to US students. Do you write letters for foreign friends? I live soccer. Do you like soccer? What do you have in mind about soccer players? I'd like to tell you my favorite player inmy next letter.

Thank you for reading, Syoutaro

Dear Syoutaro,

Yes, I know about US cars. I don't learn about cars in my Social Studies class!! I have a Toyota in my family! Yes I write letters to foreign people. I love playing soccer!!

Your Friend,

Hello my name is Elizabeth. I know a like bit about Us cars.I don't learn about cars. My family has 2 cars. I do write to foriegn friends.I love soccer.My favorite player is Mia Ham.

You Friend,

Dear Linzy,
do you like Toyota cars? Where do your Toyota made in US or in Japan?

Dear Allison,
do you atend a soccer team? I wanted to know there are many Japanese cars around your area,but Ifound that was not true. I think there few Japanese cars around your area. Thank you so much for writing so soon.

your Japanese friend, Syoutaro.

Hi Syoutaro,

My name is Hannah and I am 10 years old. I live in Delaware and I am in the fifth grade. Yes I know about US cars. No I am not learning about cars in Social Studies, but I learned about them last year. Yes I have cars in my family and I have 2 cars in my family. No I do not like soccer. I want to know about you a little.


I have a question.

Do American people like to walk? Or, do you have much time to walk in a day? Are there few people drive cars?

I am very much surprised to see the pictures that shows you were searching transportation as the same we did. We are waiting your letter again.


Dear Haruka,

Hi! My name is Casie. I go to Delmar Elementary School I am 10 years old. The reason why we do not have many walkers, trucks , and cars is because we live in a neighborhood. Sometimes we have time to walk but it has to be in the early morning or in the late late afternoon. Not a lot of people drive cars in America it was because we go to school in a neighborhood. Do you go to school across a highway or close to one? We have Halloween. Do you have Halloween? I hope you enjoy the message send me back soon!!!!!!!!!!! I have 1 brother he is 14. I have 1 dog and a hamster.


Dear Haruka,
I'm Haley. The kinds of cars I have are a Ford Excurison and a Toyota. What kind of car does your family have? Is it big or small?

Your Friend,

Hi, I am Allison.

No, actually I don't know about US cars. No, we aren't learning about cars in social studies. I have 2 cars at my house. Yes, we do letters to foreign friends. Yes I do like soccer.

Your Friend,

Dear Haruka,

Hi my name is Jaclyn. American people like to walk. They donít have time to walk because they work all day. A lot of people drive. A lot of people donít drive by our school because our school is in a neighborhood. I am nine years old. How old are you? I have a little sister she is 8 years old. I also have 6 dogs and 4 cats. I go to Delmar Elementary School.



Hi, my name is Mackenzie. This is my first day in Gen Y class. I am having lots of fun. Yes, there are Japanese cars in the area!!

Your Friend,

I'm very glad to read your searching and pictures. I think there many trucks runnning rather tha the US. We saw very few people at the searching.

I have a question for you. In the States, are there many shopping center or shops? We saw few to watch bikes as same as you. I wonder why your searches show few cars and trucks? I'm waiting your reply. Please be friends with us. My name is Ayano. What is yours?

thank you so much for writing to us. Your Japanese friend,

Dear Ayano, Hi! My name is Jessica and Iím going to answer your questions. There are a lot of shopping centers and shops. We got less trucks and cars then you because our school is in a neighborhood. Now Iíll tell you some things about me. I am 10 years old and in fifth grade. How old are you and what grade are you in? My teacher is nice and does fun activities with my class. Is your teacher nice? I have 1 brother and no sisters. Do you have any? Hope you write back soon.



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Patti Weeg
November 10, 2003