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Teacher Resource Type Grade Level Content Area
Chris Cuppett Food Chains Word File Grade 3 Science
Carmon Molnar Huff and Puff and Blow
(Oink, Oink, Oink)
Word file Grade 3 Math
Christy Briggs Family Photos/Harvey Moon Word file Grade 2 Reading
Cindy Anno Least Common Multiple
Valentine theme
PowerPoint Grade 5, 6 Math
Matthew Guy Igneous and Sedimentary rocks Word files Grades 3-5 Science
Chris Cuppett Simple Machines Power Point Grade 3 Science
Tracey Hayes Oceans Power Point Grade 4 Science
Cindy Anno Stem and Leaf Diagram
October theme
PowerPoint Grade 6-7 Pre-algebra
Carrie Lewis Stem and Leaf Plot Works file (.wps) Grade 3 Math
Carrie Lewis Find the missing factors Works file (.wps) Grade3 Math
Cherie Simon Read Across America website Pre-K - 5 Reading
Chris Cuppett Geometry
edges, vertices, and faces
website Grades 3-5 Math
Sheree Draucker MSPAP website Grades K-12 all
Patti Weeg 2002 Olympics Education website ,
Olympic Journey
website all math, language arts,
social studies
Patti Weeg Identifying fractions
Pizza Party
Fresh Baked Fractions
Integer Bars
websites Grades 2-8 Math
Patti Weeg Interactive Math websites Grades K-12 Math
Patti Weeg
and Joyce Perdue
Pattern Blocks, Base Ten Bars, Integer Bars website
and Word files
lesson plans
Grades K-6 Math
Patti Weeg
and Betty Ryall
Authors in Residence Online website Grades 2-6 Writing
Patti Weeg Delmar Elementary Resources
Using Technology at Delmar - samples
websites Grades Pre-K - 5 all
Patti Weeg Kidspiration templates 30 templates listed on a separate webpage Grades K-6 Math, Language Arts
Patti Weeg 3rd_shopping.xls Excel template Grades 3-5 Math
extimating numbers, shopping

Patti Weeg
February 2002