Erika's clown
age 8

Patti: David (and all), Tell us about email and how it works for your students. In my school (keep in mind the kids are ages 4-12) we have one school account. The kids use that account and I auto"magic"ically get a carbon copy of all the e-mail my kids send. No, I don't have all 1060 kids sending e-mail. About 100 are under my care and they send mail but also make web pages and make drawings for our Art project with Isamu's students in Japan and Adri's in Brasil (and others). They don't all send mail every day. We use Netscape mail (version 2.0 on 3 machines and ver 3.0 on one machine. I simply configure Netscape mail to the school account. Why the carbon copy to my account? Several reasons but one of them is so that I have a history of what we are doing for my Global Classroom web pages.

I saw kids using PINE mail at Dole Summer School last year in Hawaii. Is this common in most schools? It surely solves the problems that separate mail accounts bring. I do like Netscape mail because images are automatically displayed in an e-mail message. We also use Netscape mail because not all of our computers (only 4) are online and so the kids learn to save their mail to a diskette from Notepad then copy/paste it into a Netscape mail composition window.

David: One of the new programs I am working with is - "Mutual Assistance for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing".

Patti: This brings up the topic of how we are making new technologies available to our special needs students. One year our visually inpaired students sent voice files to their keypals along with text messages. They *loved* this. We have a hearing impaired student, age 6, who is looking for keypals.