"A dream you dream lonely, is just a dream... A dream we dream together is reality..."

Thank you, Adri

"We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open".
Harry Edwards

Thank you, Mahenaz
in Brasil

David Lloyd from Israel has now joined our discussion

Adri: Hello, David!!!
I am translating into Portuguese "THE DESERT AND DESERTIFICATION" Project... Negev Desert is now part of my thoughts...

Our partnership is something special, but I would like a lot to hear from people from so different and distant cultures... Education is something in common, but the ways things go, the problems and conquests are probably different... Hey, people, from our tropical country (and this extremely hot summer... uffff!!!) I would be happy on hearing your "tales"...

David: Hi all,

I'd like to thank Patti for adding me to this group and thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I have known Patti "virtually" since my early days on the Internet - quite a number of years ago. After commmunicating through the net for a number of years, we finally had a chance to meet in Brazil at the KIDLINK conference there.

I teach English as a Foreign Language at the High School for Environmental Studies in the Negev desert in Israel and am also now the director of the computer communications center here on our educational settlement (Midreshet Ben Gurion). For the first few years our school was connected to the Internet only through one modem. Patti and I still remember the years when everything was "text based" until one day someone mentioned something about the "World Wide Web" and the ability to see pictures through the Internet. Since that moment the Internet has undergone an amazing number of generations of technology. Today our school is "spoiled" in being connected by frame relay to the Internet with our own Internet server and the ability to open email accounts for all of our students. I am in charge of running this system.

We have been involved in a quite a number of Internet initiatives. Our favourite program is the "21st Century Schoolhouse" program in which our students work together with students in Japan, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the United States on researching and trying to offer solutions for environmental issues. In addition to the Internet communication, this program has biennial international youth summits. The first summit was in Salem, Oregon last year and the next summit is in Perth Australia next year. The wonders of the Internet are such that, although the web site for the schoolhouse is on a server in Salem Oregon, I run and develop it from here in Israel -


I have also founded and run the "Israeli English Teachers" network on the Internet which is very active. It consists of a website -


- and a mailing list.

One of the new programs I am working with is - "Mutual Assistance for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing". We received funding from an Israeli institution to begin and run this project with the goal of showing the Hearing Impaired population in Israel how to utilize the Internet to help themselves and each other. We have set up a website in both Hebrew and English for this -


and also give courses to the Hearing Impaired community as to how to work with the Internet.

As in many other countries, we are working with the difficulties of using our own mother language on the Internet (Hebrew) in addition to using English. English is used basically for international communication and Hebrew for local communication. We have been developing a "Negev database" in Hebrew, with an emphasis on environmental issues. Hebrew on the net is difficult because we write from right to left and use completely different characters.

Hannah Sivan (who is also new to this group and will most likely introduce herself soon) and I have been working a lot in giving in-service courses to teachers as to how to use the Internet. We have also been working with the educational division of the Foreign Ministry in giving Internet courses to groups who come to Israel for a two to three week seminar, mostly from third world countries.

I look forward in working with you all through this group and hearing more from the others.