How are teachers using computers in your classrooms right now? How many computers are available for the students? Do you have big computer labs in your schools? Are they connected to the Internet? How are your labs being used now?

Team Member School/Country Computers in Classrooms Computer Lab? How used?
Patti Delmar El, Maryland 1, but not in all, also older donated computers Math and Reading software only
Comments:We now have a "lab" of 23 donated PC's where teachers can bring their classes for writing activities. 4 of these are connected to the Internet. This is my "baby" and I have watched this lab grow. Teachers sign up to come use it. Many of our teachers are still not using the computer in their classrooms. 4 teachers are starting to use the donated lab of computers for whole class writing activities. We opened the "lab" three weeks ago. They love it! Our school is in the process of being "wired" and in a few weeks all classrooms will have Internet access. On four grade levels the homerooms will share one computer on a cart.

Team Member School/Country Computers in Classrooms Computer Lab? How used?
Marilyn Aiea Elem, Hawaii at least 1 online, some with 2-3 per classroom online 23 total, 9 with internet access, word processing, IBM courseware, lunch activity, Internet access
Comments:Teachers come to the Lab on a need basis. Previously, I did service every grade level from K-6 with scheduled lab time. Teachers now come when large group projects are being worked on. I do work with 3-6 grade students for enrichment and they utilize the computers continuously.

In our K-3 classrooms, each having at least 2 computers, a few with 3, we are running IBMs and IBM courseware primarily focusing on reading, writing and math. The courseware is intended to be integrated into the exisiting curriculum. In grades 4-6 with the exception of the 5th grade(2 per), each classroom has one on-line computer. Yes, one computer is limiting, but someone of the teachers are attempting to work it into their curriculum by having students use it through the day. As an example of how one teacher is beginning to use the one computer in the classroom--during our own Hawaiian Landmark game for Aiea's students, this teacher had her students e-mailing questions to us during recess, lunch and even after school. The few students who were familiar with the e-mail process became the "teacher" and showed the others the procedure. Because all classrooms are LANed, we are also using Lotus Notes for weekly staff bulletins as well e-mailing to each other.

Team Member School/Country Computers in Classrooms Computer Lab? How used?
Adriana Escola Leila Mehl M. de Mattos Rio de Janeiro - Brasil 2 computers in the whole school These computers are not ours... none
Comments:They are owned by Iplan Rio and we cannot install any software in them... The softwares we use there are not the best ones, but we cannot change anything... We received instructions of its objective: administrative work... And we put the children there, using what we have with good ideas inside. It works... It's not what we deserve, but we must work with our reality full of difficulties. Teachers are learning together. We use our meetings to share new ideas and the ones who didn't know how to use the computers are learning too...

Team Member School/Country Computers in Classrooms Computer Lab? How used?
Marg Geebung Special School, Brisbane, Australia some type of old computer a room with 5 computers, used for entertainment, reinforcement and drill
Comments:Ours is the only room with an internet connection and there is one in the staffroom.Less than half the staff would be comfortable using the internet but most can use computers with their children. The internet has been great in our room the children are not yet able to access the net on their own but they look forward to letters to and from Patti's lot. We are the only class who can have an appreciation of the interaction. The staff have an IBM and a laptop but we still often have conflicts of time (how did we ever survive without them ).

Team Member Lynne
School/Country King Kaumuali'i El., Hawaii
Computers in Classrooms Computers in classrooms range from 4 or 5 in the upper grades to 2 in the K and first grades. Each classroom does have one direct Internet connection (56K frame relay) Internet apps include QVTNet16 for email and Netscape for Web...upper grades also use Cute FTP and Dida for their web work
Computer Lab? How used? LAN has a Windows Server, Novell 3.12, Schol View, runing IBM and other courseware as well as a Lotus Notes server, an old DOS server, and a soon to be inaugurated NT web server... One computer lab...about 18 Pentiums/Eduquests, connected to LAN... Lab activities include some telecomm orientation, courseware (teacher supervised), email/web surfing for students projects Curriculum assistance provided for classes who are looking for projects or ways to participate in online activities
Comments:Teachers are overcoming their computer phobia ;) to get involved with Internet apps....We have a very active group in the HERN Project doing cross grade level mentoring and web production...We've had workshops over the summer to assist teachers in integrating tech into the curriculum. The Technology Literacy Challenge grant sponsored training of 3 teachers this summer, who in turn train other teachers...and they have had several sessions on basic Internet and then web publishing...I am presently in the process of training our clerical, cafeteria, and custodial staffs and hope to move into parent Internet training shortly...

Team Member Betty
School/Country Aiea High School, Hawaii
Computers in Classrooms At Aiea High School, we have approximately 1500 students in grades 9 - 12. Our school is 100% networked and there is at least one computer in each classroom with access to the network (and internet). (There are approximately 80 classrooms.) Truth be known, there are alot of computers on our campus... the greatest numbers in the Business Department and other Voc Ed Departments. The core areas lag behind.
Computer Lab? How used? We do not have a computer lab in the typical sense, however we do have a several classrooms full of computers that are used exclusively for the Business department. Our library has many recylced/donated computers available for students to use as well these recycled computers have been "tuned" as search stations for our computerized circulation system. Also, the library's database can be accessed from classroom... allowing greater utilization of the library resources.
Comments: How the computers are utilized varies from department to department. And from teacher to teacher..of course. There are some classrooms where only the teacher uses it... and for what it's worth, most of our teachers feel comfortable using it a tool for writing, grades and communication. Where I see teachers letting students use the computers within the natural context of their curriculum is in the Language Arts, Social Studies, Science departments and special programs for alienated or handicapped students.

Team Member Isamu
School/Country Rinkan El, Japan
Computers in Classrooms About my international classroom, it has four computers but all my private computers. Though I would like to use computers and learn with them. Another one computer of mine sets up on my desk in the teachers room for server. Mainly in my international classroom, students use KIDPIX for writing letters and drawings. Sometimes they use HyperCard for learning Japanese. There is not connected to the internet from my international classroom. But our school is connected internet whole days since 1996 for some domestic project governed by Japanese government. Probably you know my international class students came from Peru and Urguay, are comunicating with Patti's students and another schools in South America.
Computer Lab? How used? In our school's lab has 41 old DOS machines(286 machines). And of course one set of internet connection, a server and a client machine in our computer's lab. And in our teachers room has also connection to internet. So my computer on my desk in the teachers rool works as my international classroom server for internet. But it is not working all days. Now just testing. Few teachers connected to internet on their desk with their own compouters. But totally say, it is not active to use internet on educational purposes.