Designing your own Global Classroom

A look inside the Global Classroom at Delmar Elementary - What does a global classroom look like?

Organizations that promote global collaboration

  1. Kidlink - a place where you can meet global partners, launch your projects and invite global collaboration. Since the start on May 25, 1990, over 175,000 students from 143 countries have participated in Kidlink.

    1. What is Kidlink?
    2. How do teachers join Kidlink?
    3. How do students join Kidlink?

  2. European Schoolnet - "...framework for the co-operation between the European Ministries of Education on Information and Communication Technology in Education."
Websites and Web Forums for Classroom Exchanges
  1. ePALS Classroom Exchange - Available in English, French and Spanish. Contains a database of 49,096 profiles in 191 countries.

  2. Class Connect - Connecting classrooms across the world.

  3. European Schoolnet - Partner Finding - partners for email exchanges, larger scale projects, or any other collaborative work.
Mailing Lists for Partner Exchanges
  1. Places to Locate Partners - Québec English Schools Network (QESN). The webpage includes a collection of mailing lists and project registries that are useful when finding partners for projects.

  2. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections - IECC is a collection of 6 electronic mailing lists for teachers who are seeking online classrooms for keypal exchanges.

  3. Connected teacher E-mail list where you can find educators around the world.

  4. Lightspan mailing lists - includes HILITES Seven mailing lists "designed for educators and parents interested in receiving topical information and/or participating in ongoing discussions."
School Registries
  1. Web 66 - The Web66 International School Web Site Registry opens with a map of the USA and a listing of countries around the world.

  2. European Schools on the Web - Eduvinet - Education Via Networks in the European Union

  3. World School Directory Education World. - "A country-by-country and state-by-state guide to K12 Schools, Universities, and Education Resources around the world."

  4. Canadian Schools Online - from GrassRoots' Canadian Schools OnLine Directory, an interactive directory of Canadian schools connected to the Internet.

  5. Private Schools Online - Schools are categorized by state (US), country, region or specialty.

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