By: Wyatt

"I'm going to fall!" I thought.

My mind was racing as my skateboard began to wiggle. A scary feeling came over me. I knew I was going to fall very hard so I jumped off.

It was a cool Friday evening when Brandon drove up and saw me jumping off my skateboard. Brandon is my friend from school. He's in eleventh grade and I'm in tenth grade.

"What's up?" Brandon said

"Nothing. I'm just skating on my driveway. I'm trying to bust out a double heel flip," I told him.

He said, "Cool! How long have you been trying to do that?"

"Like for a week." I said.

Brandon stayed for a while and we had fun. We were skating for a long time. It was nice outside and we stayed until it got dark.

I was doing a 50/50 grind when my board broke. All of a sudden the wind blew like a tornado. I dove toward the ground. The ground was coming up fast in my face. I got mad because that was my favorite board and it broke. I put my hands on my face and there was blood on them from my nose. We went inside to wash up.

Saturday morning my nose felt better but I was still mad because I didn't have a skateboard anymore. Brandon came over and we talked to my mom about getting a new one for me. I promised to help her clean the house and the garage to earn some money for a new board.

We decided we should go to Ocean City to buy a new skateboard. We do not have any good skate shops here in Salisbury. Brandon used to live in Ocean City and he knows the best stores for skateboards. Brandon drove his car and my mom said I could go with him. It took us a whole day to shop. We spent all day there and had fun. We skated at a skate park and went on the boardwalk.

When we got back we wanted to skate but it was too dark. I like my new skateboard a lot. This time I will be careful and won't be so rough.


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Patti Weeg

May 21, 2005