Writing the Final Draft

The Snowstorm

One day there was a terrible snowstorm. The people in the town would not go out because they couldn't see through the blinding snow and everything was slippery. It was also really cold! Some of the animals decided they wanted to go outside and see what the weather was like. The first animal to go outside was the pig.

The messy pig was a troublemaker. The other animal friends following after the pig were a quick cat, a strong horse and a friendly dog. The animals decided to build a snowman. The messy pig did not help the others. He made fun of them saying, "That is the stupidest-looking snowman I've ever seen. Look at him his head is not even on straight." He felt sad that they were getting the snowman built without his help.

Just about the time the pig said this a strong wind blew the snowman's head off. The pig laughed to see the head go rolling across the ground. The horse saw the snowman head roll on the ground.

He said, "We can put his head back on if we all work together."

The cat and the dog decided to help the horse put the head back on. The cat said to the horse, "Lie down and the dog can crawl on your back." The cat crawled on the dog's head and put the snowman's head back on. They were happy that the snowman was back together again.

The messy pig had watched them and didn't like the snowman or the friends working together to make the snowman. When he saw how much fun they were having together he decided to join them but he was too short to build a very tall snowman.

He asked the others, "Will you help me build a snowman too? I am short and my snowman needs to be taller."

His friends help him to build a snowman of his own. They played together every day after that.


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