Conferencing With Students

When the students receive their messages from Lois with her suggestions Patti and the students review the message together. The students highlight portions of Lois' messages where she asks them questions or make suggestions for change.

Hi Zachary,

I liked looking at your story map. You have the start of an exciting story!

I see that your character (in the "Who" box) is named Joey. Is he a real person, or one that you are making up for your story?

I like your setting (in the "Where" Box). Having your story set at a carnival already makes us know that it will be exciting. A carnival is a fun place, full of activity and sound and movement. It's a place where a boy could get lost very easily. It's a place for adventure!

Your "Where" box says that the story will take place in the summer. Will it be daytime, or at night, a weekend or a weekday?

I see in the "What" box that your problem is that Joey gets lost. I think your solution will be that Joey is found, but how will it happen? Who will find him, and what will happen while he is lost? I hope your story has a happy ending, with Joey going home to his family!

Write to me soon and let me know what you decide. It will be good to read about what happens to Joey at the carnival.

Your Friend,
Lois Szymanski


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