Permian Panthers 1988 Football

By: Cody

"Throw me the ball, Mike. I'll catch it!!" thought Allen Myles.

The wide receiver for the Panthers could see where the ball was heading and jumped high to catch it. He felt sure that he would catch the football, but it tipped his hand and fell into the end zone. Allen lost his balance after he missed the football and it fell in the ground near the 50 yard line.

"I have to do better than this if we are going to win tomorrows game," thought Allen.

Saturday afternoon the Permian Panthers practiced very hard on the field. The men ran trick plays, run plays, and pass plays for the football game on the field. They really wanted to win because they had never lost to Dallas Carter, a very good team. They did not want to spoil their record. They felt like they had a good chance of winning because they had great players. They played against Robert Widicer who is on Dallas. The Panthers also have James Miles who is good at making touchdowns as a running back. It was going to be a good game because these players are the best.

Last week the Panthers starting quarterback, Mike Winchell played a fantastic game.

"Mike, you played your heart out last week," said Allen. Mike laughed and said, "I have proof that the game was tough. Look at me, I'm covered in bruises."

The Panthers have a fast quarterback and one of the best quarterbacks in the league. If Michael gets injured and the Panthers have no other quarterback they would have to forfeit the game.

Sunday came and by the 4th quarter the Panthers were behind by a touchdown. Then Brian Chavez made a great sack for the Panthers. Carter fumbled and the Panthers recovered it. We scored by a touchdown pass to Allen Myles. We went into overtime and then we came back and scored again by an interception by Ivry Christian. Ivry's legs pumped hard, and he was sweating like never before. He sacked the Dallas Carter quarterback and pumped up the crowd. We got the ball back!!!!!!!! We made a touchdown by a pass to Chris Comer. Then it was a tie game at 27-27.

The coaches thought the game would end with a score of 27-27 in overtime. The ball was on the 50 yard line. The Panthers got the ball by a fumble and then they fumbled it and Carter recovered it. The final score was 34-27.We scored the winning touchdown by an interception by Brian Chavez.

They yelled their way off the field, slapping each other's helmets, patting each other on the shoulder. The team went out to celebrate for winning the game. They went to a party where they had fun. They had it outside the stadium. Mike and Allen smiled at each other and said, "Good game!"


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Patti Weeg

May 21, 2005