Letters from Ukraine

... for Mrs. Campbell's students

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My name is Alice. I am 8 years old. Ilike drawing and skating. Do you want to see any of my drawings? I live in Ukraine. It is cold here now. There is much snow. What is the weather like in winter in your country? Nice to meet you.

My name is Julia. I am 8. I am a Ukrainian girl. I have a father and a mother. We live in Zaporozhye. It is a nice and green city on the river Dnieper. I love my family very much. I like to spend my free time outdoors. :) Do you have any photos of you in your city?

Map of Ukraine - Zaporozhye is 600 km (about 373 miles) southeast of Kiev. Click on the city name for another map.

Map of Europe - Click on this map to see where Ukraine is located in Europe.

Hello Alice and Julia,

Thank you for your lovely pictures! We are so happy to see your smiling faces. Our small town of Delmar is not too far from the Atlantic Ocean. We live in Maryland. Click on this image to see a larger map that shows where we live.

Maryland and Delaware are on the east coast of the USA. Today it is snowing a little but we do not expect much snow.

Your friend in Maryland,
Mrs. Patti Weeg

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Patti Weeg
February 19, 2006