Words and Phrases to Clarify

As Mrs. Weeg's Delmar students read their letters from Mrs. Bruton's girls, they had questions about some words or phrases. We have listed them in the table below.

Mrs. Bruton sent us these sites to help us learn more about their words and phrases:

American and South African English Word Translations
11 official languages in South Africa and some common phrases
More South African words and phrases

Delmar's Words or Phrases to Clarify
Words or Phrases Meaning
takkies or trainers tennis shoes?
swimming costume and cossie bathing suit?
R100 money - 100 Rand, about 15 US dollars
jelly tots candy?
toffee candy?
winter birthday in August Your winter is our summer
badge of Veritas a symbol of your school? It means "truth"?
Biltong dried meat? from what animal? maybe like beef jerky?
sweetie pie candy?
Afrikaans How many languages do you have in South Africa?


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated April 16, 2005