eBooks by Delmar Students

Mrs. Yurek's class

Mrs. Weeg's Grade 3 computer lab students from Mrs. Yurek's homeroom made eBooks for their Palm handhelds using eBook Studio. The eBooks are presented on this page in html format.

The students worked hard to write their text and to prepare it for PalmReader on their handhelds. They learned how to sync the Palms and put their eBooks in PalmReader. They did a great job!

My Best Christmas Present
by Kortney

My Best Christmas present was my Bratz dolls. Their hair colors were black, brown and blond. They have a lot of clothes but I can't keep track of their clothes.

Santa gave the Bratz dolls to me. They were on my list but I was still surprised. I felt happy when I saw the present under the tree. Now I have lots of Bratz dolls - 7!

I was 3 when I got the first Bratz doll. I was 4 when I got the 2nd one. I was 5 when I got the 3rd one. I was 6 when I got the 4th one. I was 7 when I got the 5 th one. I was 8 when I got the 6th one. I was 9 when I got the 7th one. I'm very lucky to have so many.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Brittany

The best thing I got for Christmas was clothes. I got lots of winter clothes like 2 sweaters and lots of pant sets.

My friend's mother gave me the 2 sweaters and the pant sets. It was a total surprise! I felt excited when I saw my new clothes. When I got them I was 8 years old.

They are special because I like how they felt and I like the colors. I still have my sweaters and pants. I keep my new clothes in my closet.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Kendall

My best present was a Schwinn bike. It had flames on it and it was red. I was 7 years old when I got it. Santa gave it to me and it was a total surprise. I was happy because it was cooler than the one I wanted.

I like to ride it in my backyard. Sometimes my friend, Brandon, rides with me. I ride on the sidewalk and he rides on the street.

It is a cool bike and I still have it. I am glad I got a Schwinn bike for Christmas.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Kristina

My best Christmas present is a Bratz Car. Santa gave it to me. It was a big surprise. I felt surprised and I was happy to see it under the tree.

I was 8 years old when I got it. The color is light blue. It plays music and its lights turn on when I turn a button. I can put my Bratz dolls in it.

My Bratz car is special because it was not on my list. I still have my Bratz car. Sometimes my sister and I play with my Bratz dolls and car. She has a Bratz limo.

I really like my Bratz car and I keep it in a special place. I keep it in my closet.

My Best Present
By: CJ

My best Christmas present is a bracelet. It had my name on it and it was gold and shiny.

Santa gave it to me. It was a big surprise. I found it in my stocking. I was five years old when I got it.

My bracelet was very special to me because it had my name on it. I only wore it in the house but I lost it. My mom looked for it but she could not find it. My mom was not upset when I lost it. I felt so so sad and I cried for 3 hours.

Now I don't have it anymore. I wish I still had my bracelet.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Karon

My best Christmas present was my H2 Hummer. It has shiny rims on it. It is a remote control car. My Pop Pop gave it to me.

It was on my Christmas list. I felt happy and glad when I saw the Hummer. I was 8 years old when I got it.

It was special because it could go fast.

I still have it and it is by my bedroom door. I am glad I have my Hummer.


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated January 23, 2005