eBooks by Delmar Students

Mrs. Weeg's Grade 3 computer lab students from Mrs. Owens' homeroom made eBooks for their Palm handhelds using eBook Studio. The students beamed their eBooks to each other so that all the students have a copy of all the "books." The eBooks are presented on this page in html format.

The students worked hard to write their text and to prepare it for PalmReader on their handhelds. They learned how to sync the Palms and put their eBooks in PalmReader. Mrs. Carla Hurchalla came to Delmar from the Board of Education to see our eBooks and to hear the students read about "The Best Christmas Present." They did a great job!

My Best Christmas Present
by Karlie

My best Christmas Present is a Care Bear. It was Bed Time Bear. It was a big surprise. I always wanted a Care Bear. Santa gave it to me for Christmas when I was 2 years old. It was nice and soft and cuddly. It was blue. I put it on my bed and I slept with it. I just kept it home and didn't take it with me when I left the house.

I do not have it any more. I had to throw it away because it was so old. I was 6 years old when I got rid of it. I wish I still had it.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Robbie

My best Christmas present was baseball cards. I got them when I was eight years old. My mom gave some cards to me. My favorite cards are the Blue Jays players. She gave me about 20 cards. My great grandfather also gave me 50 cards. They are special because I have cards for the best players on my favorite team. I still have them and I keep them in my room. I really like my baseball cards.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Danielle

My best Christmas present is a GameBoy. I got it when I was 8 years old. Santa gave it to me and I like him because he gave me a big surprise. It was on my Christmas wish list.

It is very special because I like to play games on it. My favorite game is Kelly Club. In this game I have to find the bunnies and put them in a cage. I still have it and I play with it when I get home from school.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Trevon

My best Christmas present is XBOX. My mom bought my XBOX for me. It was a big surprise. I got it when I was 8 years old. It plugs into the wall and into a TV. I buy the games for it with my own money. My Dad gives me money for games when I want them. I have to earn the money by working with him. He builds houses and I help him. I give him the tools he needs so that he does not have to come down the ladder.

I am good at playing XBOX. I get high scores. My favorite games are HOLE 1 and 2 and Street Hoop. I still have my XBOX but I haven't played with it much because I gave it to my brother. I took it back from him not too long ago. Now I can play it again. The game has 4 players. Sometimes I play with my brothers. We have fun.

My Best Present
By: Shamya

My favorite present is Kai because he is my brother. He is 4 months old. He is a cry baby but I still love him. He has a cute smile and he laughs a lot. My mom gave me this present when I was 9 years old. What a great gift he is!

My brother is cute because of his face. He smiles at me when I talk to him. He He loves me to. I help my mother take care of Kai. I change his diaper and I feed him. He is a good little brother.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Alysia

My best Christmas present was a puppy. His name is Zeek. My Mom, Dad and Santa gave me puppies for Christmas. I got Zeek when I was 9 years old. He was a big surprise. He was on my Christmas list. Zeek is black and white and he is big. He has a big head.

Zeek is the only puppy we kept. All of the puppies were cute and fun to play with and they were cuddly. Some died and we gave some to other people. I was sad when we had to give some away. Zeek is still alive. I play with him when I come home from school in the afternoon.


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated December 18, 2004