eBooks by Delmar Students

Mrs. Weeg's Grade 4 computer lab students from Mrs. Marine's homeroom made eBooks for their Palm handhelds in eBook studio and beamed them to each other so that all the students have a copy of all the stories. The eBooks are presented on this page in html format.

The student worked hard to write their text and to prepare it for PalmReader on their handhelds. They learned how to sync the Palms and put their eBooks in PalmReader. We are so proud of them!

My Best Christmas Present
By: Tessa

My best Christmas present was a chalkboard. It was big and wrapped in purple Christmas paper. You could draw on both sides, chalk side and a marker side.

Sammy, Tina, Lee, and Bruce gave me the chalkboard for Christmas. They are my godparents and my uncles. The chalkboard was a very good surprise because it wasn't on my wish list.

I felt very happy when I saw it because I never thought of a chalkboard for a Christmas present. I was 6 years old when I got my chalkboard.

It is so special because I can play with it whenever I want to. My friends and I can play with it. The only problem is that it's too big for my bedroom so I put it in my garage.

I still have it and I still keep it in my garage. I love my chalkboard.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Tyler

The best Christmas preasent I ever got was my first bike. My first bike was red with silver rims and is called a cyclone.

I still have the bike. I do not keeep it in a special place because it is by a tree. It is too small for me now so I cant ride it anymore.

My parents gave it to me for Cristmas. It was not on my list and it was surprise. I was 5 when I got it. I felt happy when I first saw it.

It is special because it was my first bike and I learned how to do a wheely. It took me a month to learn how to do one. I fell the first time I tried one but I kept trying and finally learnd how to do it right. I am so glad I got it for Christmas.


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated December 18, 2004