eBooks by Delmar Gen Y Students

Mrs. Weeg's Gen Y students made eBooks for their Palm handhelds using eBook Studio. The students beamed their eBooks to each other so that all the students have a copy of all the "books." The eBooks are presented on this page in html format.

The students worked hard to write their text and to prepare it for PalmReader on their handhelds. They learned how to sync the Palms and put their eBooks in PalmReader. Bethany, Gerrod and Billy sent their Palm eBooks to online friends in Japan. What a fantastic job!

My Best Christmas Present
By: Jenna

My best Christmas present was my puppy named Shelby. She is a Rottweiler. She is black and brown and she was 8 months old when I got her. She was very playful.

My mom and dad gave the puppy to me when I was 9 years old. She was a surprise and I got her for an early Christmas present. I got her November 3, 2003 at night.

Shelby is special because she was already house broken when we got her and she was so playful and she loves every body.

I still have my puppy and she is 1 year old. One time my dog Shelby went in my room and jumped right in bed with me. When I got in the bath tub she kept barking at me. I really love my puppy.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Lindsie

I got a T.V. for my 8th Christmas. It was in the biggest box. I got up very early to open it, I felt like the happiest kid ever!

I was totally surprised. I was about 8 1/2 years old. It wasn't on my list because I was going to get it for my birthday. My mom got it for me.

It was a combo TV. This means it is T.V. and a VCR it is white.

I still have it. It is on a stand next to my dresser. I use it all the time. I was the happiest girl ever!!!

My Best Christmas Present
By Riley

The best Christmas present I ever received is a Game Cube and it is really cool. It was on my Christmas list. When I opened my present I felt like I wanted to do a back flip.

My grandmom gave it to me when I was 9 years old and I was so happy. I gave her a big hug. She wrapped it with paper.

You can play certain games on it like Super Mario Sun Shine. My favorite game is Super Mario Sun Shine because I love Mario and I have 32 shine sprites. Shine sprites are like little stars with 2 eyes and a smiling mouth. The sprites are hard but no too hard to get. I think I am a good player but I have yet to beat my uncle’s score. I have 36 shine sprites and my uncle has 76.

I still have it and it's still working. I am glad I have it. Sometimes Game Cubes are frustrating when you loose you want to throw the remote I have not done that. The hardest part is catching shadow Mario. It took me a while to be a good player.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Morgan

My best Christmas present was a collector's Indian doll. She has long dark brown hair. She was wearing a white Indian dress with beads and white moccasins and a dream catcher on her arm. When I got the doll I was 8 years old

My mom and dad gave me my best. Christmas present ever. They thought it was going to be a surprise but it was not because my and I found the dolls under my mom and dad 's bed. But I was not looking for presents. I was under there to get something my mom wanted. I was not really surprised because I thought they were hiding something. I did not find any more presents but I did confess that I found the dolls.

My doll special because for once sister and I got something the same They were dressed in different clothing so that we could tell them apart. My doll’s name is Chilea.

I still have Chilea I keep her up in the living room so that my family and friends can see how pretty she is. She was the best present ever.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Tyler

The best Christmas preasent I ever got was my first bike. My first bike was red with silver rims and is called a cyclone.

I still have the bike. I do not keeep it in a special place because it is by a tree. It is too small for me now so I cant ride it anymore.

My parents gave it to me for Cristmas. It was not on my list and it was surprise. I was 5 when I got it. I felt happy when I first saw it.

It is special because it was my first bike and I learned how to do a wheely. It took me a month to learn how to do one. I fell the first time I tried one but I kept trying and finally learnd how to do it right. I am so glad I got it for Christmas.

This is a picture of a Palm handheld displaying Tyler's eBook.


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