eBooks by Delmar Gen Y Students

Mrs. Weeg's Gen Y students made eBooks for their Palm handhelds using eBook Studio. The students beamed their eBooks to each other so that all the students have a copy of all the "books." The eBooks are presented on this page in html format.

The students worked hard to write their text and to prepare it for PalmReader on their handhelds. They learned how to sync the Palms and put their eBooks in PalmReader. Bethany, Gerrod and Billy sent their Palm eBooks to online friends in Japan. What a fantastic job!

My Best Christmas Present
By: Billy

My best Christmas present was a Sony PS2. Even though it was on my Christmas list, I thought I wouldn't get it because it was too much money.

My mom and dad gave it to me. It was wrapped in wrapping paper. I had one present left and it was a big box so I thought it was a PS2. I'm getting lots of games this Christmas.

It is the best Christmas present ever because it's my first Sony PS2 I've had it since I was 9 years old. When I opened my present I couldn't believe it was a PS2. I was really happy because I wanted it since it came out.

I still have my PS2. My favorite games are NBA live 2002, NBA live 2005, NFL Street, NFL ESPN 2K5, NBA Street, NBA Street volume 2, Medal Of Honor Rising Sun, Grand theft Auto San Andreas, and Madden 2005. I'm pretty good at all my games. The challenge was hooking it up to the TV. Iím really glad that I have my PS2.

My Best Christmas Present
By Kederio

The best Christmas I had was when I got a PlayStation 2 game called Jak2. I got it when I was 8 years old. I was surprised when I saw it because I saw it on T.V. When I saw it under the tree, it was like a miracle.

My mom gave it to me. She gave it to me because I was being good. I have been nice to my mom and I have been doing what she told me.

My PlayStation 2 is special because I like the challenge of the games. My high score is 10,000 because I am in the future. I have cool weapons in the future.

I do still have Jak2. Iím so happy to have Jak2 because I take good care of it and because I put it in a safe place. I put it in my room.

My Best Christmas Present
by Amber

The best Christmas present I ever got was a certificate for horse back riding at Mrs. Neebert's house. I have loved horses since I was young. It was great because I got to ride the horses all day long during my lessons.

My mom gave me this certificate after I opened all my other presents. I never thought of getting horse back riding lessons so it was really a great surprise. I felt very happy!

I still have horse back riding lessons every Friday from 3:30 to 5:00 and the whole time I'm there I'm having fun. The best part of the lessons is when I get to jump the horses. I ride different horses each time. I take off in the winter because it is too cold for the horses. I also groom the horses. To groom the horses I have to take a brush and comb the horses. I clean the horses too. I think I will own a horses when I grow up.

I like to read books about horses. One of the books that I really enjoyed reading is Misty of Chincoteague.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Gerrod

My best Christmas present is my Sony PlayStation 2. I got it when I was 7 and now I'm 10. It was my first present I opened that year. My mom brought it in the house and she said it was my cousinís present and it wasn't wrapped. Then I got sad because I asked her for one. Then on Christmas I found out it was really mine!

My Mom and Dad helped buy it together. First my mom was going to pay $202 to buy me a Sony PlayStation 2. Then my Dad found that my mom was going to pay all that money so he paid $101 and my mom paid $101 for it. Then my dad came to my house and gave me a lot of games. When I opened the PlayStation 2 I ran in my bedroom and started to play it. I was really happy!

My PlayStation2 is special because it's challenging. Also it's special because it was the first present I opened that year. Usually my mom wouldn't get me video games like a PlayStation 2 because they cost too much money. When I asked my mom for a Gameboy Advance she said, "It is too much money." But this time she and my dad bought me a PlayStation 2 which cost $202 and the Gameboy Advance which cost $132. I didn't care if I didn't get a Gameboy Advance.

I still have my PlayStation2 but, sometimes it messes up. When I don't play it a lot because I have homework, then I turn it on, it messes up. Sometimes when it messes up I get upset and start yelling. Also when it messes up I kick it or punch it. Now I found a way to keep it from messing up. I do my homework at school then when I get home I can play my PlayStation. When it still doesn't work I tell my mom and she says, "It's getting old.Ē I'm really happy I have my PlayStation.

My Best Christmas Present
By: Bethany

My best Christmas present ever was a Bitty Baby from American Girl. Their products are very cool and nice. Also they are very soft and cuddly. I named my Bitty Baby Autumn. She is very warm. She is almost like glass. She has brown hair and blue eyes and she is tan. Her lips are a really light pink. She mostly stays wrapped up in a blanket.

The person who gave it to me was Santa Claus. Santa Claus gave me my Bitty Baby when I was 8 years old. He dropped it off on Christmas eve while I was sleeping. When I opened my present I felt a happiness coming on. I jumped up and down. I showed my whole family my new baby. I just couldn't stop holding her. I felt so wonderful inside. From that day forward I take her everywhere with me except to school. We can't bring toys to school and I wouldn't take her there anyway because she would get messed up and the kids in the school would probably make fun of me. But I still take her everywhere else.

I have had my Bitty Baby for a really long time and she is always there. My Bitty Baby is really small and I can hold her. She is really special to me. On Christmas I got a Christmas outfit for her and it was red with green Christmas trees on it.She also has a silver shawl. My Bitty Baby got a toy which was a Christmas tree that you build. When I had got her on Christmas a little tan bear was in the box and I also take her everywhere my baby goes.

Yes I still have my Bitty Baby and she still looks new. Every Christmas she gets a new outfit which is just so wonderful. I love my Christmas present. Whenever I'm sad I feel like she is really real, and that she is there for me. The end

My Best Christmas Present
By: Katelyn

My best Christmas present ever was new dress boots. I was 9 years old when I got my new dress boots. I got them from JC Penney's. They are light brown. They were stylish and they were pretty. I wore them with an outfit that was very cute. I wore them when I went out dinner one time.

My mom gave them to me because she knew I would love them a lot. When I opened the present it felt like I was going to faint right in the middle of the floor. My mom said, "What! Are you crazy or what?" I felt stupendous when I opened my present. I showed my whole family my new shoes. They were like, "Oh my gosh I like your new boots." I knew they were boots because the box was very heavy.

I don't have them anymore because they got too small for me. I felt very sad because I couldn't wear them anymore. I gave them away to my cousin and my cousin really loves them a lot. She's wear's them all the time to school and where ever else she where's them too.

My boots are special to me because I liked to wear them a lot. On Christmas Eve I go to my grandmother's house to have a dinner. I wore my boots to the Christmas dinner. We had lots of food and drinks. My whole family came over for dinner on Christmas Eve. I looked really nice in my new boots.


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