Writing the Story

Students began writing their eBook stories in Kidspiration. I gave them a template to help them organize their thoughts.

After the students typed their initial thoughts in the circles in Kidspiration they changed the screen to the "writing" view and continued to expand their thoughts. When the students were finished typing their stories and I checked them we were ready to copy/paste their text into eBook Studio. While in Kidspiration the students clicked on "Edit" then "Select all." They again clicked on "Edit" but this time clicked on "Copy."

The students opened eBook Studio [get a free demo version here] on their computers and click on "Edit" then "Paste." Below you see their story (minus an illustration) in the eBook Studio window. Notice that the eBook Studio window is narrow and resembles the width of a Palm.

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Palms: a HANDy Way to Learn - using Palms at Delmar Elementary

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated July 7, 2005