Thanksgiving Greetings From Mexico

Hello I am Samuel. I want to ask to them if you eat turkey in the Thanksgiving day in Mexico is not custom here to celebrate it. I wanted to know more you exceed all his customs. Also I have the doubt of because they celebrate the Thanksgiving day. Samuel desde México

Hello I write to wish them a happy Thanksgiving day Que to them goes super good to them in the celebration and that their supper is delicious. Good I give my better desires them in its night of thanksgiving. Good Christmas comes near and already we began to make some purchases navideñas. Talvez neve but I have here understood that almost always snow falls there. But in aim them desire a happy Thanksgiving day. Atte. Its friend Adriana

A: Niños de Maryland

Hello am Maximiliano Espero that they are well, I would like to know more on How is celebrated the Thanksgiving day what do? It must very be amused as Christmas that day is not celebrated Here but I hope that they amuse much and that their meeting is very pretty. Congratulations



Thank you very much for the Thanksgiving cards. We really like them. Thanksgiving is a day for us to remember when people we call Pilgrims came to America to live in 1620 to be free. The Indians helped them grow food. In 1621 they all had a big dinner to thank God for their food and their new home in America. We celebrate by having a big dinner with family and friends. We have off from school the rest of this week. Thanksgiving day is always the last Thursday in November. Thank you again for your cards! Mrs. Andrews' class

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Patti Weeg
November 24, 2004