Our First Letters From Mexico


My name is Ileana. I have 10 years old. My school is Adolfo Prieto. I born in Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico My favored eat is apple and pear.


¡ Hello ¡

I am Victor. I have 10 years old, I am a student of the school Adolfo Prieto in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico My city is beautiful. I like the cars My English is not more advanced. I speak more Spanish My passion is the cars This is my questions: What is your name? What is the name of your fathers? What is your hobby ? What is Maryland? The your friend


Hello! my name is Adriana. I live in Mexico study in the school Adolfo Prieto & study 6°. I have 11 years old. I have one sister, my father , mother and my dogs. Mexico is very beautiful and your eating is very very long. the taco, a flautas, pizza, amole, a chicken soup and very eating. Monterrey is a beatiful city. In the night the city is of scary, and the day is a good city.
Good bye. Your friend, Adriana

Dear friends of Maryland:

Hello my name is Samuel. I ive in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. I have 1 sister that is in junior high school. I am in sixth grade of elementary school. In my house I have small dog.Yhe name of my dog is Katy. My friends called me Sam; but you can call me Salvador. The name of the shcool is Adolfo Prieto unit 5°.

Hello friends of Maryland!

We saw the list of names, later we will send letters to them all. I hope are well, I will say to them where the city of Monterrey is located (the city and the mountains) To the north of Mexico near the border with the United States, the city of Mc. Allen Texas 3 hours of distance have left, there it is where we are going to make purchases. Where is Maryland? In what state? Near San Diego or of Canada? I hope that they write to me.

5° year C
Monterrey Nuevo Leo'n Mexico

Hello friends, I hope that they are well, I will say something to them of my school, he is very great and it has gardens, we have computation class, English and sports, what I like more is to play soccer and básquetbol, that it sports they like to play? The football team of the school gained the championship and they will give medals them, all the children of the school we are very proud of the equipment. They like to play soccer? Them control a strong hug, greet Mrs. Andrews.

5° year C
Esc. Dark Adolph Unit 5
Monterrey Nuevo Leo'n Mexico

Hello Job and Wayne, I am Samuel again. Them control the best greetings from Monterrey. Katy if it is a good mascot. Here it has not passed anything new, nothing else about 7 very disastrous accidents; but they are not scared were not as much. In the school we go to make a project of reading and will be very interesting, I like much to read. Them story that I like much the video juegos. To you which they like? The most warm greetings of its friend:

6° year A
Monterrey The New Leon, Mexico

Hello Julie B. Jessica E. I hope that they esten well that we are good friends, it is pleasant to me that we pruned to write letters and to know us. When I must make some project I anger to me, but in this not because it is amused to know boy and girls of Maryland. Thanks to its teacher for the letter, to my also I like the cats but I cannot have one because my mother hasallergy. I hope to receive letter of you in a moment.

6° year A
Monterrey The New Leon, Mexico

Hello friends Ellis and Henry I am called Maximiliano and in Monterrey, like much the school to you they likes me to study? The city gives fear at night but when amanece is very pretty I do not know its city but I believe that it must be very pretty Someday I would like to know it But not by where it is, they can say to me in that been or in which place is the place where they live, and how it is its school? I must go good bye to me


Hello, I am I of NEW Samuel.

I expect that be well my small friends of Maryland. I mean that here in Monterrey is not celebrated Halloween; if not the day of the dead persons, recalls the piled-up beings wanted an altar where the foods are put and the things that he they liked as guitar, sweet, hats, etc and is celebrated November 2. In Monterrey; in my 12 years of life has not snowed, nothing more in the year of 1998 but key sleet, wanted that to fall snow this year. In the parlor by little bit and obtained the 3° place in the two-month period.

P.d. : them command greetings to my friends of Maryland.

Hello friends I expect that the climate be pleasant. Here this calido-frio. Changing of theme, ¿How these celebrations of the month of November were passed?

We do not be accustomed the festival of the day of witches, but if we celebrate the day of dead persons and the Mexican revolution. The day of dead persons is when we put tributes to the dead persons and the day of the revolution we celebrate the liberation of the country of the reelection of Porfirio you Gave. good me depido of you and I expect to write again quick. Good Bye. Says good-bye its friend Adriana

Hello my freinds!

Is Victor, here in my city No celebrate the Halloween Here celebrate the day of Deads (Dia de los muertos) And mexican revolution (revolucion mexicana) in november 2 and 20 of 2004. The halloween no Celebrate in Mexico Not is a Mexican Celebration. This proyect is fantastic Here write English old The morning and chat Whit you This is more questions What is your state? How many alunms? Contest my questions And write my and good bye !


Hello my friends As are I expect that well. Here we do not celebrate the Hallowen neither the thanksgiving day. Here we celebrate the day of dead persons and the day of the Mexican Revolution. I would like that we talked me some of his traditions. Also I he would like that some photographs of you they sent me and of Miss Andreus. There you asked Hallowen. How did they celebrate it? How do they celebrate the thanksgiving day?

Them command many greetings. Ileana

Hello friends: I Expect that they be well, does a lot that we do not write because we had problems with the Internet but already we are here, we do not celebrate Hallowen, you what hicierón? Many candies gave them? I expect that they have themselves amused. We celebrate the day of dead persons November 2, is a tradition in which altars are done and the food is put that he liked. Also November 20 is the day of the Mexican Revolution and a sports parade is done along the street of the city. I expect to receive mail, its friend: Maximiliano

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Patti Weeg
November 24, 2004