Our Friends in Japan

Friends in Mrs. Goldman's class are writing to their online friends in Japan. We made a video of Mrs. Goldman's students telling about their Native American homes they created. We are sending the video to Mr. Shimura and his students. Their teacher wrote:

My name is Takayuki Shimura. I am a teacher of Kamiechi elementary school in Japan. There are four students, Minori (age 10), Yuuna (age 8), Hitomi, Taiki (grade 6). They like to draw picture. I hope so to show their picture all of the people in the world. This picture is "Octopus", Taiki drew it. Taiki is twelve years old in the sixth grade.

Octopus by Taiki

You can see all of their beautiful art here: Art by students in Kamechi Elementary School

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Patti Weeg
December 15, 2003