Letters to Friends in Japan

Dear Ayano, Minori, Miku, Miyuki, Haruka

I liked your videos very much and I really enjoyed it too. How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you get presents or anything else? Do you put up a Christmas tree before Christmas? Is there a Santa in your mall? I decorate a lot around my house and inside. Do you decorate a lot around your house and do you decorate inside? If you put a Christmas tree up do you decorate the Christmas tree? I put a lot on my Christmas tree and I decorate my room a lot too. I receive gifts on Christmas day.

Your Friend,

Dear Ayano,

Hi! It's Jessica. I liked the videos you sent us. How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you get presents? Do you put trees up in your house? When you go to the mall, is there a Santa sitting somewhere? Every year, my family puts a tree up and we get presents. My favorite part is getting presents. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye!!

Your Friend,

Dear Ayano,

It is almost Christmas here in the United States of America. There are only 16 days until Christmas. I have a cousin in Japan. His name is David. He will not be coming home for Christmas. On Christmas day I go to my pop-popís house in Hebron where my dad lived when he was a little boy. I go to my Auntís house on Christmas Eve.


Dear Ayano,

Hi! My name is Michelle! I would like to know how you celebrate Christmas. I also like to say that I liked your video. I thought that is was really good. That is all for now Bye!!!

Your friend,

Hi Ayano, Minori, Miku, Miyuki, and Haruka

I really liked your videos. They were very good! I also really liked the graphs you made. I have some questions for you,

  1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
  2. If so, do you put up a tree, put up lights outside, have a big Christmas dinner, exchange gifts,or go to church?
  3. Do you celebrate any other December holidays?
Your Friend,


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Patti Weeg
December 15, 2003