More Pictures of our Friends
in South Africa

Our friends in South Africa
Brittni Dear Brittni I am glad to meet you. I am Felicia and I go to John Wesley School.
Brooke Dear Brooke I am Minenhle. I am a girl and I live in South Africa. I love you.
Daniel Dear Daniel My name is Minenhle M. I like to play. It is good to meet you. My mom's name is Phumzile. I live in Pinetown and I go to John Wesley School.
Dylan Dear Dylan, My name is Nonhlanhla and I am a girl. My favourite colour is also red and I am 8 years old. Thank you for your lovely letter. I also have long hair.
Ethan Dear Ethan My name is Zuko. I am eight years old. I am a boy. I live in Pinetown. I like your picture. My favourite colour is yellow and my hair is black. My best food is fish and chips. My best sports are soccer and cricket.
Hannah Dear Hannah It is very nice to meet you. My name is Wendy and I go to John Wesley School in South Africa. I am 8 years old.
Jacob Hello Jacob It's nice to meet you. My name is Sachin. I love USA. When I am big I wunt to be a truck driver. Do you know Peterbilt trucks. I live in South Africa.
Kyra Dear Kyra I like your picture very much. I am Cebe and I am from South Africa.
Ronnie Dear Ronnie My name is Goku. I am eight years old and I go to John Wesley School in South Africa. I am a boy and I like red cars.
Shania Dear Shania I wish I can meet you but I can't. My friend looks like you. From Brenda in Grade 2 at John Wesley School
Shana Dear Shana My name is Nomcebo. My eyes are black and my favourite colour is yellow. I am a girl and I am 9 years old.

Letters from Mrs. Minor's Kindergarten PM class

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your letters. It is nice to meet you. We go to Delmar Elementary. We are in kindergarten. Mrs. Minor teaches us really good. We live in Delmar, Delaware or Delmar, Maryland.

Your Friends,
Mrs. Minor's afternoon class

Dear Felicia,

It is nice to meet you, too. My favorite fruit is apples. My favorite color is purple. My favorite television show is Rug rats. I am five years old.

Your friend,

Dear Minenhle,

I like to go outside. My favorite food is grapes. I like to wash the dishes in the sink.

Your friend,

Dear Minenhle M.,

My favorite color is blue. My favorite show is Roadrunner. My favorite season is summer. I like to play, too. My sister's name is Caitlin. I have a cat named Smokey.

Your friend,

Dear Nonhlanhla,

I am five and my favorite food is pizza. I like to play outside. My favorite cat is my orange cat. His name is Luke. I like pumpkins and my favorite movie is Scooby Doo.

Your friend,

Dear Zuko,

I can't have fish because it makes me sick. However, I do like french fries and pizza. . I also like chips. I like soccer and baseball. I like to play on the computer and I like to play outside. I like to eat ice cream and catching fall leaves. I like to take a bath and a shower. My favorite cartoon is Sponge Bob.

Your friend,

Dear Wendy,

I have a dog named Brady. He is Karen terrier. I like cake and cookies. I think I have five cats because Cuddy ran away to the neighbor's house. I had another cat named Hagar, he died. My birthday is June 27th. I have two brothers. Their names are Ethan and Garret. They are twins and they are two. I had one fish, but he died. His name was Colors. He was a Beta. That is a type of fish. I have two Gerbils. I have a grandmother named Celeste. One of my gerbils is named Celeste, also.

Your friend,

Dear Sachin,

I like to read books. I like to watch cartoons. I like Rug rats. I love teddy bears. I love pictures and numbers. I like to write my name and numbers. I love my brother, my Mom, and My Dad. I love cats and playing with my toys. I love to eat candy.

Your friend,

Dear Cebe,

I like Sponge Bob Square pants. It is a cartoon. I like to go outside. I like macaroni.

Your friend,

Dear Nomcebo,

My Mom's name is Tina. I have a baby brother named J.T. I have hermit crabs. Their names are Jason, Amber, Mason, and Lisa. I have a dog named Goldberg. I have a cat named Lacy. I have bunk beds that I sleep in by myself.

Your friend,

Dear Zuko,

I like to watch Sponge Box and Tom and Jerry. I like to play with Barbies and makeup. I like to eat Crispix cereal and candy. My favorite candy is caramels.

Your friend,

Dear Felicia,

I love you and it is nice to meet you. My favorite colors are blue and pink. I like to sleep in my daybed at night. I like to eat popsicles. I want to grow up and be an angel when I am twelve years old.

Your friend,

Dear Nomcebo,

I want to be a builder when I am ten years old. My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. I like to wash dishes outside and hang up clothes with my Mom-Mom.

Your friend,


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Patti Weeg
November 19, 2002