Native American Math problems

Mrs. Hansen's students wrote Native American math problems for Kidlink's project - Cultures Around the World

Math problems for our Kidlink friends:

Hello Friends,

A young Wicomico native American brave called Little Fox saw a gold buckle on the Pilgrim' s hat, belt and on his shoes. Little Fox saw the bright, yellow, shiny object. He felt like he really wanted this bright shiny object so he asked the Pilgrim if he would trade wampum for a gold buckle.

Native Americas used wampum as their money. It is made of polished sea shells and beads. The shells washed up on the shore from the ocean. They made the beads and shells into necklaces.

Little Fox wants to trade 3 necklaces for a gold buckle. He has 36 necklaces of wampum. How many gold buckles can he get?

Your new and old friends,
Derek, April, Ike, Darell, Gunnar, Tevin and Jamie


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Patti Weeg

November 27, 2000