Comparing Jojos and Crazybones

Dear Dylan, Max and friends,

Gunnar brought in his Halloween crazy bone (jojo). It is black and looks like a bat. We estimated how many of that crazy bone (jojo) would measure a pencil. I guess 4 and I was so correct. Then we measured the keyboard with crazybones (jojos) and we found it took 10 monster crazybones to fit along the keyboard. We found out by measuring the keyboard with pencils. We found that it took 2 pencils and one half of another pencil to measure the keyboard. We already knew that it took 4 of the crazybones (jojos) to measure one pencil. Whew.

|------------|  |------------|  |------|
 1  2   3  4      1  2  3  4      1  2   
    4         +       4        +    2  = 10 crazybones 

We worked hard!

Today is Halloween! Mrs. Ryan has a Halloween shirt on. There is a pumpkin and a black cat on the shirt. Gunnar and Tevin are holding monster crazybones.

Your friends,
Tevin, Gunnar, Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Weeg

Dear Dylan, Nakita, Melissa, and Mrs. Visser,

Tomorrow is Halloween. On Halloween we dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. When we go trick-or-treating we knock on peoples' doors and say, "Trick or treat!" They give us candy or treats. We don't really trick then if they don't us candy. We just say that. I am not sure that I will dress up in a costume this year. I just want to know if you celebrate Halloween and if you dress up in a costume.

My first Halloween I dressed up as Minnie Mouse. A second I just had mt face painted with face paint. You didn't tell us about the jojos. I know what jojos are. They come in different sizes and they are called crazy bones in the U.S.A.

Your friend,


dear Tevin

No we don't celebrate Halloween in South Africa but some children do just for fun. Purim is a jewish holiday and then we dress up. This year I dressed up as Spiderman. Tomorrow I will bring my jojos to school and Mrs Visser will take a picture of Nikita Melissa and Dylan. We will also measure our keyboard and I estimate 10 jojos will fill up the length of the keyboard.

your friends from Herzlia


Dear Dylan,

I went on a vacation. Before that you were on a vacation. It has been a long time since we have heard from you.

Did you know Halloween was coming? It is tomorrow. Halloween is when you dress in a costume and you go out at night to somebody's house. You may get treats. Halloween is fun for boys and girls. Many boys and girls do this in America. Parents go with you and take care of you in the dark. Do you celebrate Halloween in South Africa?

Your friend,


hi gunnar

it is good to hear from you again. No we do not celebrate Halloween in South Africa. but some children do. Purim is a Jewish holiday and then we dress up. I dressed up as spiderman.

your friend

Dear Tevin and Gunnar

we measured 16 jojos on the keyboard. from


Dear Dylan,

When we measured the crazy bones (Jo Jo's) on the keyboard we found out that there were 10 and you had 16. You had 6 more than we had.

16 - 10 = 6 jo jo's

We think the reason you had more than we did was that we had monster crazy bones. If we had little ones we would have the same number that you did. What do you think about this? Do you agree with us?

Thank you for telling us about Purim. Mrs. Hansen celebrates Purim but she does not usually wear a costume.

Tevin was a nijah for Halloween, Gunnar was a dead dragon slayer and Darell wore old dirty clothes. Darell was unhappy because some older boys took his candy. Halloween should be fun and not like that.

Your friends,
Tevin, Gunnar and Darell

Hi Tevin and Gunner,

I am sending a picture of myself and Candice my cousin.

Your friend Dylan


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Patti Weeg

November 19, 2000