Name Game

with our MindSPACE Friends

Our on-line friends in Hawaii have invited us to participate in their MindSPACE project this summer. One of the activities is the Name Game. Our summer school students are asking their parents and relatives these questions provided by the MindSPACE kids:

  1. How did I get my name?
  2. Where did I get my name?
  3. Why did you choose my name?
  4. What religion is my name from?
  5. What does my name mean?
  6. Did any relatives have my name? Which ones?
  7. Who gave me my name?
  8. What is the history of my name?
  9. Who told you about this name?
  10. What is the symbol of my name? What does it represent?
  11. Is my name multi-cultural?
  12. How old is my name?
  13. Is there any physical background to my name (like places connected with it)
  14. Can you tell me an interesting story about my name?
  15. What are your feelings about my name?

Look at the beautiful stories unfolding...

Patricia A. Weeg
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