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Ann Valente
I have a feeling that they will show interest in the cross cultural type projects, folklore, that sort of thing more than the construction science type projects. But they may prove me wrong. One never knows, right? We are not very high tech here. Will that be a problem? - Ann - "Our Passport to the World" - Brandi, Julienne and Floria,
Luis Pinto
We have been working in aquatic ecosystems for many years, plenty of them around here in Concepcion, Chile I am interested in knowing more about a possible collaboration with Lani and Erin. If you want to know more about my projects take a look at:

I am a science teacher and oceanographer. One of our major goals is to preserve aquatic ecosystems in our area. sincerely, Luis -

"The Secret World of Tide Pools" - Lani and Erin
Carlos Calderon
Yes, very well this contact (Robotics) is very important for us. Thank you. I will write to you about this contact. - Carlos "Who Let the Robots Out?" - David and Randy
Simon Cobb
United Kingdom
Our school is very interested in an e-mail exchange. I'm not to sure what age your children are in the different age-groups. We have children from 4-11 here, so I'm sure we can make an appropriate exchange. The topic on finding out about a european culture sounds a good one, as it would involve geography etc, and we could find out about Hawaii at the same time. Let me know if you had any other ideas, or if you reckon we would be good to mail, and we can set up some sort of exchange.

Simon -

p.s. I know the teacher of the 9-11 year olds was quite taken by the prospect of an e-mail exchange with you.

"I Spy Adventures" - Tiffany Kalahui
Catalina Nicolin
I'm a school from Romania, Bucharest and I can be in my school between those time. I'll join the projects with great pleasure. - Prof. Catalina Nicolin

Sincerely, I like 3 projects, but one is adapted to us:

I Spy Adventure
Tiffany Kalahui, Valerie Mimura

Count Dracula is from Romania, and who kows better the legend and the truth? Sincerely it's my favourite subject and I have study about him a lot.

this is the second project that I like.

Sports - "Virtual Interview of Sports Heroes"
Shantel Cabral, Greg Nakata

Best wishes, Catalina -

"I Spy Adventures" - Tiffany Kalahui
I am interested in the summer school project, but it takes me some time to collect enough student volunteers. Would you please inform me of the deadline of project registration? Thank you very much. Best regards, Hsien-yun - ?
Carlos Vera
We have a very rich history here...I believe this can be the first project...We'll send all information in somebody must translate and receive the information in english and we'll make the translation for our pupils.. Cultural Folktales Through Puppetry - Carlos - "Cultural Folktales Through Puppetry" - Sarah, Lynn, Shawn and Iris
Sandra Powell
New Zealand
We will be in school for at least part of that time before our school holidays. I would love to be involved in doing an exchange with your teachers. I am eager to get children more aware of the global community and must admit I have not had as much time of late to dedicate to Kid link. I would like it to be an integral part of my programme, especially with some of the chats etc that have been going on. I guess time has been my big problem! Anyway, enough on that. Please could you send me details on how I and my class, could be involved. - Thanks, Sandra - ?
We will be in school for part of the time you need. Our mid year break is from the 23 of June to the 8th of July. In other words, we are in school June 13 to 22nd and July 10th to 11th - I am not sure whether that would be any help.

PS Other states ie Victoria and New South Wales have different holiday times - maybe a school in one of these states could help _ unfortunately, I do not know one off-hand. J -

Isamu Shimazaki
TOPIC: Science-"Exploring Science Through Technology".

Do you know the main grades for this project? If you know, please write back, I'd like to tell about this project for Japanese teachers. - Thanks, Isamu

"Exploring Science Through Technology" - Carl and Kristie
United Kingdom
I have a class of British children who are still at school until the 18th July. We have internet access and could possibly borrow a digital camera as I am just setting up systems within school so we are somewhat limited. Is there any of your projects where we might fit in? - Sue - "I Spy Adventures" - Tiffany Kalahui
Kimberly Bernardino
just me dropping a note of hello or konnichiwa all the way from japan!! i was wondering if i could ask a favor!! i have a junior high school that would like to communicate with schools through the internet to develop internationalism!!

i was wondering if you have any teachers or schools that would like to communicate with this school!!??? what would the procedures be if there is any with getting permission?

i know that the school year is coming to an end, but if the ECELL teams would like to use this one school as a resource, i would be glad to help set it up for them!! i am not sure if any groups are doing anything with japan or in any terms with japan!! the students here are eager to communicate with students from hawaii!!!

i hope it will not be too much trouble!! once again thanks!!

aloha- kimberly bernardino -

Liz Read
United Kingdom
I've been having a think about the Hawaii projects & we'd like to join in with the Dracula's castle one. It looks to me as if they'll be exploring Europe & we could be one of the places they explore.

One of the kids didn't know what to write on Monday and it was interesting when I asked her to write something about Bristol. They're only 9 or 10 and a lot of them haven't been very far, they don't know why our Suspension Bridge is special. It might be fun for them to help the little Hawaiians learn about Europe.

What do I have to do to sign up? hugs, - Liz -

"I Spy Adventures" - Tiffany Kalahui
Adriana Portella
This period is the end of our first semester, but we will be there. What would you like to have? Some messages? Some news and pictures? Any other interaction? If we can help... here we are! - Love from Adri - "Our Passport to the World" - Brandi, Julienne and Floria
Jonathan Fairman
Ohio, USA
I think it wouljd be great fun to link up. I do not know what grade(from 7-12) I will be teaching, but as soon as I know I will inform you (I do know the subject - English).
Jonathan Fairman
Cleveland School of the Arts -
Greg Beyrooti
Yes, we are interested in an exchange with the "Where in the World" project. Please let us know how to get involved.

We have an extremely busy term ahead of us, with many sporting activities planned. I will also be away for about 10 days in July at our annual Conference which will again be held in Cape Town this year.

Hopefully in between these events we will get some learning done. All the best, - Greg -

Irina Ruseva
Modern Languages and ICT School No 17 is in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. It is a real school of the future. We would very much like to be your partners. Our kids start learning French at 3 - that's pre-school. At 5-6 they're in the first class. Some subjects are taught in French. In the fifth class they start learning English + some other subjects in English. In the tenth class they'll learn German. They could study other languages as well. Hope you think we have much in common and have us as your partners.
Wish you the best of weekends.
Warmest regards,
Irina -
"I Spy Adventures" - Tiffany Kalahui
Marsha Rogers
Minnesota, USA
I will be OUT of school as of June 13 and can act as a resource person for some of the projects you have listed. I have a catalog of web sites for many of the topics and I can locate many things online that others don't.

I am a 30 year teacher and am launching my own consulting business. I would be happy to help in ways I can. - Marsha Rogers -

Dear Patti,
Yes I would love to answer any questions your summer school students may have about Malta. Let me know how I can help.

Tina -

Nuzhat Kidvai
Beaconhouse Quetta will join you. By the way I need to know just one thing before I ask them to start. What is the age group of children you have there? Love, Nuzhat ?
Gladys Vélez
Puerto Rico
I am the Media Specialist/ Librarian in my school . I integrate library skills with all the academic subjects. Let me know if you want to share some facts about my beautiful island, the home of Denisse Quiñones MISS UNIVERSE 2001 Puerto Rico Feel free to ask anything about our island, school system , our food , places of interest etc. Gladys - ?
Carey Blyth
South Africa
I have a grade 5 (age 10/11) group who are researching different countries. They are looking at the culture/ herritage of the people as opposed to the facts about population, climate etc... The project is called "walk a mile in their shoes" and will hopefully lead to a better awareness of global peace through understanding differences.

Carey -


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