Danni's Gifts From Maryland

Delmar teachers and students added many items to Danni's box.

  1. newspaper about our Shorebirds baseball team in Salisbury
  2. Delmar agenda
  3. towel with crabs on it
  4. US flag
  5. 2 crab shells
  6. Delmar cap
  7. brochure about Delmar

  1. 2 books with kindergarten handprints
  2. Delmar keychain, Maryland magnet
  3. English version of Tortoise and the Hare and Little Red Riding Hood
  4. 3rd grade book - All About Maryland
  5. Danni's Party invitation, bookmark
  6. Delmar scrapbook with copies of our Danni webpages to date
  7. New US golden dollar coin
  8. New US quarters - Delaware and Maryland coins
  9. Eastern Shore recipes and photos of Delmar students
  10. pencil, postcards and soda can holder
  11. Teddy bear shirt from Ocean City, Maryland
  12. sticker and student picture (from kindergarten)


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Patti Weeg pweeg@shore.intercom.net
April 27, 2000