The Magic Pencil
by Stacey

Stacey opened her pencil box and her green pencil jumped out. It went to her house and messed it up. The green pencil took a yellow crayon and drew a big, big yellow pencil on the wall. The green pencil picked up a magic wand that he found on the floor by Stacey's bed. He waved the magic wand and said, "Abracadabra...Come Out!" All at once the yellow pencil jumped off the wall and the two pencils ran into the kitchen.

The green pencil and the yellow pencil made a strawberry cake. It was their favorite cake. They ate it all except a tiny piece for Stacey. The kitchen was a mess. They didn't clean the dishes and they got icing all over the table.

The pencils got tired and watched TV. Then they went to sleep in Stacey's bed. When Stacey got home she found the two pencils in her bed. She woke up the two pencils. Then she took her book bag and took out her pencil box and put them in. She took the pencils to school the next day.

Stacey told her teacher her pencil was magic. Her teacher asked her to show the class some tricks it could do. Stacey told her teacher it could draw pictures. Her teacher wanted to see some of the pictures the pencil could draw. Suddenly the pencil jumped out of the pencil case and drew a picture of her teacher. The pencil made her very pretty. The teacher smiled and said it was time to go home now. School was over.


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Patti Weeg

March 1, 2000