Blane and the Cartoon
by Sean

Blane was watching tv in his house with his sister, Jamie. Their mom was at the store buying a quart of milk and some pizza for dinner. On the TV was their favorite cartoon show called Rocket Power. Otto, the main cartoon character in Rocket Power, was talking on the screen when suddenly he jumped out on his skateboard and landed in the middle of the room where Blane and Jamie were watching TV! He looked tan and he was wearing a yellow shirt and red short pants.

Blane and Jamie were surprised and a little scared because they had never seen a cartoon boy come out of the television. They started to run away but Otto said, "Come back. I need two more skateboarders in my show."

"Why do you need more skateboarders in the show?" they said.

"My sister who is 10 years old wants to compete with me in a skateboarder contest. Whoever wins gets a trophy for this year and next year. We have to practice hard to be better than my sister. I've seen you skateboard on the rail and I think you are great. Would you be my partners to beat my sister?"

Blane and Jamie agreed to join Otto's team. They looked a little nervous when Otto said, "Come follow me," and he jumped back into the television. There was no reason for Blane and Jamie to be scared. When they got inside the TV they gasped! They really liked what they saw. They were in "Skateboard Land" where there were ramps, rails and half pipes filled with skateboarders. Everyone was having fun and practicing for the contest.

The time for the contest arrived. It was an exciting time for skateboarders. The winners were announced and Jamie, Blane and Otto won the trophy and they won the championship.

Jamie and Blane hurried home before their mom got home from the store. When she got there Jamie and Blame were watching TV with a big trophy beside them. Mom said, "Why do you have a trophy?"

"You'll never guess what happened, Mom, while you were gone."


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Patti Weeg

May 1, 2001