The Lesson We Learned
by Patricia

My mom was working at her office very quietly when the phone rang. The nurse at the hospital emergency room called and said "Your son, Lee, has been hurt." She said, "Mrs. Kelley, please come to the emergency room right away."

Mom hurried to get to the hospital. The whole time she was driving she was wondering what happened. When she got there she wanted to see Lee and make sure he was OK.

She said, "Where is my son?" The nurse said, "I know you are worried but your son will be fine."

"May I see him now?" asked my mom. The nurse said, "Yes, you may see him. He is in room 123." The nurse took my mom to his room. When my mom saw Lee she cried and said, "Are you OK?"

Lee said, "Yes, I'm OK, mom. Don't worry." Mom was curious and wanted to know what happened. Lee told her the story.

"First, my friend, Allen, came over to our house and I asked him if I could ride his bike. He said I could, but he only wanted me to ride it around the block." That's all Lee could remember. I told mom the rest of the story when they got home from the hospital.

They drove home around 6:00. My brother Steven and I were outside playing when they got home. We waited a minute to go inside because we did not know if Lee's leg was hurting. We didn't want to bother him. When we walked in, Mom and Lee were talking in the kitchen about what happened. We all sat at the table. Lee was with us and his leg was propped up.

I continued the story. Allen told me that he watched as Lee rode the bike down the street. Lee seemed to be gone for a long time but Allen went inside our house and played Nintendo. He was waiting for Lee but he was enjoying the game and he forgot about Lee.

Allen and I went for a walk to the end of my street when we saw an ambulance and a police car. We saw Allen's bike! Steven was outside so I called him and told him to come quickly. By the time Steven, Allen and I got there they were putting Lee in the ambulance.

I finished telling the story when mom began to tell us about the time she broke her leg on a horse. The horse she was riding tripped over a big rock. When mom fell off her horse she landed on her side and her leg got twisted. She was in a lot of pain!!

She told us, "When you go out, wear safe clothes. I hurt my leg when I fell but I had a helmet on so my head was ok." Mom said, "Always think about safety when you ride a horse or a bike. Wear some boots, gloves and helmet to be safe. "


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Patti Weeg

April 18, 2001