The Sneaky Great White Shark
by Katie

It was almost the end of summer. We were having a family picnic at the beach. It was 90 degrees outside and the water was warm. It was on August 15th and our 14 year old cousin Whitney, and my sister, Lee-Lee, were with me at the picnic. We were having fun building sand castles. We played volleyball and kicked beach balls around the beach. My mom and dad were laying in the sun and talking to my aunt and uncle and my mom-mom and pop-pop. My brother, Jesse, was playing volleyball with us. He was throwing wet sand at us. We didn't like wet sand thrown at our face and hair. Then we decided it wasn't fun playing volleyball in the sand anymore. Then we thought we would go swimming in the water to clean off the sand.

"Stay together and don't let anything hurt you," said mom.

We had fun splashing water in each other's faces. We floated on our backs and rode on our rafts. We took our boogey boards with us. We were having lots of fun. Then we took our boogey boards and placed them on the sand. We took our rafts and floated on our backs and stomachs.

Suddenly my cousin, Whitney, was screaming at me and Lee-Lee! A great white shark came up to us. He was gray on top and white on the bottom. My stomach felt sick and I screamed. Lee-Lee jumped up on my back and said, "Come on, Katie! Let's go!!!" Lee-Lee and I tried to get away fast but the shark was coming fast.

Just in time my mom and dad came and rescued us. Mom picked me up and Dad picked up Whitney and Lee-Lee. They said to us, "Look out before you go into the water. Keep your eyes open for sharks."

When we got back to the shore my stomach felt much better. Whitney and Lee-Lee flet much better because we were all back on the shore and safe. We were talking all at once telling everybody how scary it was and how the shark almost got us. My grandma, my grandpa, my mom-mom and pop-pop came and gave us big hugs and kisses.

Then joined our family at a big picnic. We got to eat good foods like corn on the cob and chicken. Then Whitney showed me and Lee-Lee how to dance. It took two hours to get back home. On the way home we were talking about going in the water and that we would never go in the ocean again. We lived for ever and ever.


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Patti Weeg

May 6, 2001