Mom's Lost Necklace
by Joshua

"Oh no! It's gone!" My mom was getting ready for church when she discovered that her cross necklace was missing. She opened her jewelry box and her favorite necklace was not in its special place where she always kept it. She looked everywhere through the house. She looked through her bathroom but it wasn't there. Then she looked in the closet where she hangs her clothes. She found the cats in the closet.

Angel and Zero, two naughty little cats, were in the closet. They were tearing up her dresses. When they saw Mom they both ran out of the closet. Angel had a piece of ribbon in her mouth. Zero had a piece of leather from Mom's shoe in his mouth. Mom wasn't very happy.

That evening Mom asked Dad if he had seen it and Dad said, "No, I did not touch it." Mom was sad.

Mom saw me playing with my dog, Poochie, and asked, "Joshua, have you seen my necklace?" After lunch Mom asked my brother, "Jared, have you seen it?" Both of us told Mom that we hadn't seen it. Mom was very sad now. Could it be that a bird flew in the window and took it because it was not anywhere to be found? The necklace was very special because grandmother gave it to her when she came home from a trip to Paris.

A little while later Mom heard a sound in her room and she wondered what it was. It sounded like a bell. She wondered where the sound came from. She found Angel, the cat, under her bed. When she looked, she saw something shiny. Then she saw the necklace! At last she knew who the culprit was! It was Angel, who was no angel after all! Then she found Zero who was looking very guilty. Mom was very happy and put her necklace in a safe place where Angel and Zero could not reach it. Mom was so happy she took us to Friendly's for some ice cream.


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Patti Weeg

April 18, 2001