My Dream Comes True
by Beth

Friday night came and it was time for bed. Mom and Dad tucked me in. I said, "I love you," and I fell asleep. The house was quiet and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. I twisted and turned and dreamed about hunting with my dad. I love my daddy so much. He has brown hair. He is medium size.

All at once my dad was shaking me and I woke up. He said, "Beth, let's go on a hunting trip." I got dressed quickly and quietly. I wore camouflage clothes and my orange vest. We went to dad's truck and went to the deer club. Quietly we walked into the woods.

We climbed up a tree. Far below we saw a bear with a pair of clubs. They both went up the tree. I said, "WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!" Daddy got an idea. The idea was, "Don't panic!"

Dad said, "We've got safety belts on and that means that we can swing to the next tree." We swung to the next tree. The cubs yelled for their mom. We got down from the tree.

My vacation was over and I told my mom that my dream came true.


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Patti Weeg

April 18, 2001