The Mystery Buck
by Andrew

One day Dad and I were hunting together. On this day we went inside the shed which is in the middle of a field. We sat on a board in the shed because if we walked in the grass and sat there our camouflage would not blend in and the deer would smell us.

Dad and I sat very quietly in the shed for about an hour. We couldn't make a sound because the deer would hear us. For a whole hour we did not see anything. I was disappointed because nothing happened. We decided to go somewhere else.

Then we checked my mom-mom amd pop-pop's field. This field is in a totally different place. We got in dad's Subaru and drove for about a minute. Their field has a mix of corn, wheat and beans. It's about 3 acres or so. Kernels of corn were spread out on the ground in a space about 8 feet wide. We got out of our car and looked in the corner of the field and there it was! We could see a big buck walking away in the distance. We tried to make a grunting sound because that's the sound that the female deer makes when it's ready to mate. The buck turned around and this was our chance.

After we shot the deer we picked it up and noticed that the foot had been shot off a long time ago. We thought it was the deer that a man named Paul shot but no one ever found it. We solved the mystery! We think we found the wounded deer that always got away. The End.


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Patti Weeg

March 22, 2000