Please Come Visit Us Again

Dear Mr. Hess,

I would like to invite you to Delmar Elementary School to come see us. My name is Heather. Mrs.Weeg said she heard something about two people from the UK and Norway racing across Antarctica. Do you know anything about that? How was your trip to Antarctica? I bet it was really cold there. Well, got to go.

Your friend,

Dear Mr.Dave

Hi!!!!!! It's me Cate. Will you come to visit us at school? We are looking forward to your visit. Well how are you? I am fine. I am very exicted about meeting you. How was Antartica? Well everything is just dandy here.

Your friend

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hello ! It is me again , Stephanie. How have you been ? I have been fine lately. We just found out that you were coming back home for the holidays and were going back in the beginning of January. We were very happy that you were coming back. We would like for you to come to visit us here at Delmar Elementary. We hope you will come to visit us . We would really appreciate it. We want to see the pictures and things that you took on your trip. We also want you to tell us about the things you saw there. We also want to learn about the things you learned there . I hope you will visit us here at Delmar .

Your friend,

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hi, How are you? I am fine. I am so glad that you can come back to your home. Did you learn anything from this trip? Did you have fun? Well, I have to tell you about that trip to Baltimore. At first it was boring because we had wait a half- hour until we could go in the room. After that we had to wait another half-hour until we could get a live connection on the computer. I was so glad that we got to look around at the other exhibits. I even got a free pen telephone. I had fun. Then after that we had to do another presentation. We didn't have any trouble. In fact the presentation lasted over 2 hours. Have you seen my home page? It is called Ashley's home page and it is under Delmar's Photo Album. I think it is cool. The only problem was that we didn't really get a lot of people to come and see us. Well, I have to go!! BYE!!

Your friend always,

P.S. Please write back soon!! BYE!! Hope you have a save trip back home.BYE!!

Mr. Hess,

Hi!!!!!!!!! How are you? My name is Kaley. How are you? I'm fine and tired. Do you like to write? I do. I love to write! I have a brother, sister, Mom, Dad. I have 3 hamsters, 3 dogs, 2 cats. My cats names are tinker, and blackberry. My dogs' names are Tostie roll, Losey, Amanda. My hamsters' names are Penny, Patches, Peanut. How is your trip? Well got to go BYE- BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patricia A. Weeg
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