Ashley 's Homepage

Hi! My name is Ashley . I live with my family. I am 11 years old. I love to play the flute. I can play the piano. I have a Sister who is 4, and a brother, who is 3.

My dad bought my flute for me.

My favorite color is blue. My favorite animal is giraffe. I love to read. I go to Delmar Elementary School. I am in 6th grade and about to go to High School. I have two dogs, Sofe and Sasha, one cat, Figero, and two fish. I like to fish. I also like to play softball.

I have so many friends that is hard to keep track of them all. Well here are some of them; Casie, Ashley , Mellisa , Rachel , and many more.

I especially love to write to many people and learn new things on-line and on the Multicultural Calendar. I wish I could have a computer that can hold NetScape so I can see many things that I have done. I also want a computer so I can write to people and play games.

I hope you learned a lot about me and a lot of my life. If you want to be my pen-pal please write to me at:
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