It Snowed on Delmarva!

...and school was closed

Hello Mr.Dave,

Mr.Dave how is it up there it sounds pretty boring to me. Have you built a snowman yet????? We received snow on the 12/7/95 but I didn't build one I was cold and didn't want to go outside. I had fun in the house although not a lot of fun. Will you send me different pictures of the ice? How thick is the ice where you live? We only received 3/2 inches of snow It's not going to stay that long because the ground is wet and we are supposed to get more snow.


Dear Mr. Hess,

What kind of whale was in the picture? I love whales. They are so graceful. I love to see a whale up near to me. I have got to go.


Dear Mr. Hess,

Hi!!!!!!!!!! My name is Kaley McCune. How are you? I'm fine Thank You for writting back. When are you going to come back from your trip? Do you have a favorite hobby? (what is it?) Mine is playing softball. Do you have a nick name? Mine is Kal but please don't call me that! I would rather you to call me Kaley. Thank You For Writting! Have a GOOD day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Write back SOON.

Your Friend,

Dear Mr. Hess,

Hi, How are you doing? I am fine. Can you really tell me more about Mount Erebus? Well, Can you tell me what you do there? What job do you do? Who do you work with? How cold is it today? What time did you get this letter? Well, I guess that is enough questions for today. See you later!! BYE!!

Your friend always,

P.S. Please write back SOON!!BYE!!

Dear Mr. Hess ,

I have gotten your letter . Thank you for writing back .I hope that you packed enough clothes ! We just had a snow fall yesterday . Are there any penguins as big as you ? What are you doing research on ? I haven't been here for a while , so I might not type as much because I forgot where all of the keys are . We are getting more and more kids here at kidlink . What kind of movies and songs do they have there ? I bet that beard comes in handy . That little penguin is cute in the picture with someone , well got to go . By .

Andrew Giordano

P.S. Write back plese

Dear Mr Hess,

Hi! I got your letter. I also saw the picture with the penguin. I think that the picture was cute. How is the weather:-)? Here, in Delmar, we just got the day off because of snow. While we had no school, I went sledding. I also had a snowball war in my back yard- My brother and I made a huge snow fort! How is your son? I hope that your research team finds what you are looking for. Well, I really better answer my mail. Bye!

Your Friend,
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