Prospector Parker's Shoebox

I, Prospector Parker would place in my shoebox:

1) a piece of gold attached to a picture of a group of children..because for the first part of my life I looked for gold in the mountains and for the past 19 years I have been finding gold in the hearts of the little children who enjoy my shows.

2) a piece of blank paper--what should be on it??.use your imaginations. A piece of blank paper is how all of my 32 shows I have written for children always begin--then I have to use that great gift of imagination to fill it and all the other pages to come.

3) a road map--over the last 19 years I have traveled all over Maryland Delaware and Pennsylvania presenting shows in elementary schools- I certainly couldn't have gotten anywhere without a map.

4) to represent where I live I would put a bucket of sand with a big "smiley face" on it to represent Ocean City where people come to be happy and have fun.

5) a list of the over 150 different people, especially the Wills Family, who have done my shows with me over the year to show my appreciation to them and to remind others that you can't be successful alone--you need the the help of others.

6) finally I would include a bunch of coins--what we would call "change" to remind us all that "change" (think of homonyms) is the one thing constant in our lives.

Your friend,
Prospector Parker

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