Yekaterinburg, Russia

I first met Sergei Malykh and his daughter, Olya, online in April of 1993. I searched through my files and gathered their first messages today. I was enjoying the memories for hours this morning! My students always love Olya's letters to them and write back quickly. Olya has shared so much of her life in Russia and truly welcomes the friendship of our Maryland students.

Over the two years Sergei and Olya have sent us sound files of their voices as well as Russian tunes. I have talked to them by voice phone and plan to send voice cassette tapes soon as well.

Olya and her brother, Sasha, love to draw using computer 'paint' software and have sent us quite a few pictures. I have put them here for you to enjoy as well. Last Christmas we sent Olya a real Barbie Doll and she was thrilled with our gift.

These are her pictures:

Sergei has recently asked me to teach Olya in a distance learning project during the 1995-1996 school year which we are planning right now. It is always a joy to work with this beautiful family.

September 1997 - Olya visits Delmar!

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