Olya's Shoebox

Dear Patti,

I think it is an interesting idea about the Shoesbox. We haven't such word in Russian. As I understand it means a box where you can put something that means something for you, yes? If it is I'll put there:

1. Many pictures of my relatives and friends and my cat, because I love them all.

2. My diary: every day I have some situations which I want to remember. Some of the are nice ones and it is pleasant to reread my own writings.

3. My personal collection of models of wearings: I like it very much.

4. Some good paper and a thin pencil: I often draw some more models and I like when my pencil is thin.

5. Something tasteful (a candy, for example), because I just like it!

6. Some cosmetics (not too much) , because I want to be beautiful every day.

7. My favorite magazines, COSMOPOLITANs.

8. Some audio tapes with my favorite music and with voices of my friends.

9. A personal audioplayer to listen tapes.

10. Fortune cards - sometimes I can't find something to doing. ;)

11. Money to buy something not very important but pleasant.

12. A book that I can read at night or when I am at bathroom (when I have free time)

13. A cooking book: I like to do something tasteful at kitchen sometimes; also I like pictures at this book.

14. Little pleasant presents from my friends, for example, postcards.

15. A computer disk with my favorite games.

As you see, it must be big Shoesbox to hold all these things. ;) But all they are more or less valuable for me. And they give pleasure to me. Thank you for such original task. It was really unexpected for me and it helped me to know myself a little more.

Best wishes and love,

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