Natives Around the World

A Project On Kidlink

Project Coordinator - Barbara Schulz


Classes will be sharing research about the Natives from their country with others around the World. We will be starting the project by locating the tribes of the participating classes on a map. Participating classes may also share literary experiences by reading either The Island of the Blue Dolphins OR Call It Courage. Some Math and Science activities are included - see the syllabus for details. The project will be culminated by each participating class digitially designing an artifact box for their native culture which will be posted on the web page.

The Project starts in September, 1998 and will end around November 30th, 1998.

Outcomes ---

Language Arts -

Social Studies



Curricular Area

Activities in the Classroom

Technology skills needed

Date Due

Follow- Up Activities


Writing Activities

Answer Kidlink 4 Q's and post on line

Inputting information into a WWW site.

September 18th

Check the Response Archives for your submission

Rubric for answering the questions

Social Studies Activities





Math Activity

Send us a class email about your region such as:

Latitude & Longtitude


Geographical features your natives

And tribe names

Sending email to a Discussion List

September 25th

Create a Map wall display showing where natives are located


Graph temperatures and altitude - find mean , medium, mode



Math Activity

Create a Word Problem describing a trading situation that your natives may have encountered

Posting Word problems to list

October 15th

Solve and post answers to word problems from other classes

Social Studies Activities

Create a pictograph message using Kidpix or Paint for other classes to interpret - Use your decision making skills to choose the best one to send to the list

Using a drawing program to communicate.

October 30th

Interpret and post responses to Pictograph messages.

All pictographs.... can be viewed on the web page

Language Arts Activity

Reading "Island of the Blue Dolphins"


"Call it Courage"

Write your reactions to the main character in the story. What impressed you the most about the character? How did the character's experience compare/ contrast to life as your natives may have experienced?

November 13th

Share and discuss responses from the list.

Social Studies Activity

Create a virtual artifact box of things that would have been used by Natives in your area.

Scan or digitally draw pictures of artifacts that might be found in your area Write descriptions of them and tell why they were important

November 30, 1998


Create a map wall display to show material gathered about Natives around the World

Visit web site to view all our efforts and celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving

Other Possibilities

Math Activities

Research number systems such as the Mayan




Science Activities

Tell how your Natives related to Mother Earth and followed conservation practices.

Research the Land Bridge theory...... how would your Natives have been affected by it?

Social Studies

Tell about the stucture of the government for your natives....

.Click here for more detailed Lesson Plans