"Money Around the World"


Hi kids!

We're the kids from Delmar doing the KIDLINK "Money" project. Our town is called "The Town that is too big for one state." Can you guess why? We only have one traffic light in our town. Is your city known for any special reason? Look for us on the map. We're here: 38 27 21N and 75 34 40W. Famous markers of the Mason Dixon Line are in our town. They are near Todd's backyard. Do you know what the Mason Dixon Line divides?

Our school is Delmar Elementary School. We have a lot of kids here. To be exact we have 978 kids. It is a public school. It is not an all boys school and it is not an all girls school. It's both. It is the only elementary school in the town and it is big. It is two stories high. And even then there is still not enough room. We have to have portables. There are 6 of them out back. Our school is seven grades long. We go to school from Kindergarten through 6th grade. We have 5 and 6 classes for every grade level. In our grade we have 5 subjects.

Some kids in grades 5 and 6 are doing the money project. We have kids 10 and 11 years old in this project. All of the kids are answering a question that Mrs. Weeg gave us so we can write this letter. Ebony wrote the days of the week we go to school. We go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We get off on Saturday and Sunday. We also get off a half hour for a recess. Our school hours are 8:30 - 3:00. We start school in September and end in June. When we get to school we have to go to our homerooms because that is where we keep all of our possessions. Some kids eat breakfast at school. When the dismissal bell rings most of us get on the bus and go home. Some kids walk home. When we get home some of us feed our pets and some of us get ready for soccer games if we have them.

We think this is nice that we are doing the money project. When do you go to school? Do you love school. We do!!!!!!!! Now we are going to tell you how some people feel about the "Money" project. Jennifer White feels great about doing the project. Ebony feels the same way. She feels great about it. Andrew feels that it is cool that we are learning about money from different countries. Billy thinks that it is very interesting. Jeremy thinks that it is fun to learn about money. Kaley thinks this is a good idea for Delmar's KIDLINK program. Kristen Smith likes it and she thinks it's four fingers. Christina Nolker thinks it is cool and she thinks it's nice to see all kinds of money. Ashley thinks it is nice and she is interested in it. We all think that the money project is very neat and cool!

The season of the year for us now is almost fall. Here it is 65-70 degrees in Autumn. In the fall the leaves change colors. Do you know what autumn is? It is when the temperature cools and leaves turn colors like red, orange, yellow and brown. What is the temperature where you live?

We are 5 hours behind GMT time except when we are on Daylight Saving Time like we are right now. So right now GMT is 4 hours ahead of us. Do you push your clock forward an hour in the Spring and turn it back an hour in the Fall? In October we will turn our clocks back an hour.

These are the things we like to do outside of school. We like to go to the movies and play baseball. Other favorite things to do out of school for the boys are football and soccer. The girls like to make crafts, go to Girl Scouts and make bracelets with colored pieces of gimp.

Stephanie want to tell you about how she makes keychains:

"I like to make all kinds of keychains. I like to make them with gimp and also with beads. I have all kinds of beads. I have little ones, big ones, and all different shapes, too. I also have a lot of different colors. I have a lot of colors of gimp. You can make ones that are spiral, square, and even ones that look like a zipper. The square ones are a little bit more difficult and take a little more time. The zipper ones are not difficult and only take about fifteen minutes to fourty-five minutes. If you make the zipper you need three different colors, one of which has to be longer than the rest of them. If you make the square one you only need two pieces of gimp, both of which are the same length. Once you learn how to do them and get good at them, they are alot of fun to do!!!

Do the girls do this kind of thing in your country? Wonder how much they would cost...?

Your new friends,
Ashley, Michael, Jamie, Kaley, Ebony, Elizabeth, Kara, Kristen, Christina, Jeremy, Stephanie, Gene, Cate, Melissa, Dominique, Jennifer, Billy, Andrew, Caitlin, Ashleigh, Amber, John, Levin, Christine, Rebecca, Tommy, Darius, Trey, Todd and Tabatha.

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