Amy Miles


Fourth grade teacher in Oregon, Tom Miles, sent us a picture of his daughter, Amy, holding a lovely card she made. Amy will soon be joining our second grade students in their project with the students at Rinkan Elementary School in Japan. Her daddy tell us that Amy also likes 'making stuff.'

Dear Patti,

I am very happy that you liked my picture. Yes, it is me in the boat. I made my picture as a Christmas card for a friend named Robin. I made it on the day of the ice storm. I gave it to Robin that night at her Christmas party.

The party was all-candlelight because the lights had gone out. Some of my friends and I played in the basement of Robin's house. We had lanterns to see by.

We played "Ring-Around-The-Rosy'" "Duck, Duck, Goose," and "Hide-And-Seek." I was it three times!

There were a lot of treats at the party. When we got home from the party I watched THE PAGEMASTER....yeah!

I was really tired when I went to bed that night.

Thank you.

Dear Patti,

Yes, we did have an ice storm just before Christmas. Robin is Malia's mother, and Malia is my friend. Robin teaches at the same school as my papa.

I have a friend named Kengo who's papa is from Japan. I would like to write to some of the kids in Japan. I will get papa to show me the pages with their pictures.

Yes, I know the book FROG AND TOAD ARE FRIENDS. We read it in school. I will make a picture of playing in Robin's basement for you. When we played "Hide-And-Seek" I caught very many people; all of them.

THE PAGEMASTER is a movie about a boy who goes into the world of books and meets all kinds of amazing characters! I like it a lot!


P.S. I will send you some more art soon.

Thomas Miles
Irvington Elementary School.

Patricia A. Weeg
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