Art on this webpage was created by Ruru Suzuki, Taiki Shimizu and Airi Kato of Japan

Kidlink projects offer students and teachers many projects that address curriculum objectives and bring students together in global dialogue.


This program contains six modules designed to last for a complete school year. The module topics include: Who Am I?, Where Do I Live?, What Are My Rights?, My Family and Friends, What Are My Roots? and Virtual Vacation.

Grandmother and Me

In this project students write about their grandmother using topics designed for each month of the school year. Students draw pictures and add them to their webpage in KidSpace.


KidArt is a collection of artistic works contributed by young people - including toddlers to teenagers - from all over the world. The KidArt Catalogue is also a working tool for teachers, researchers and others, interested in kids' art, expressions and communication.

Draw a Story For Me

This project is for children in all language areas because it encourages many expressive ways to communicate across language barriers and to build bridges among the cultures. Artworks such as drawings, pictures, collages, sounds, etc. are welcome. The project includes an Alphabet Book and a collection of Idiomatic Expressions.

Kidlink Day

On the selected "Kidlink Day" students from around the world write a journal, by the hour, of their activities on that day. These journals are posted in KidSpace by teachers or students. Students are encouraged to read each other's journals and discover how their typical days are alike and how they are different.

Kidlink Newsletter

The Kidlink Newsletter is managed totally by Kidlink Youth. They act as reporters, gathering the news from around Kidlink and designing webpages for their articles. The editor and manager of the Kidlink Newsletter is Daniel Basilio Romero from Lima, Peru.

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Patti Weeg

November 2002