The Infant Project

The Infant Project


In the fall of 1992 I met several teachers online who were interested in communications among younger students such as the 6, 7, and 8 year olds I was teaching in my computer lab. The project that was created around this idea was called the "Infant Project" because the children participating from the United Kingdom attended the Stanley Infant School.

The children were from Iceland, Peru, The United Kingdom, Tasmania and the United States. In the photo you can see a class picture of the children in Tasmania and young Gisli Tryggvi in his snowsuit in Iceland. In the bottom of the photo he is sound asleep like an angel. Take the link on Gisli Tryggvi's name and you'll see him 2 years older and hear his voice speaking the Viking language. On the right there are drawings of deer in Bushy Park made by the children in the United Kingdom.

Their correspondence is precious as they talk about:

My kids received a message in a bottle!

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