Getting Ready For Papa Carmelo

Earlier this week Papa Carmelo asked us what kind of clothes he should pack for his trip to Maryland. The students have looked at our temperature in Celsius and have written some letters to suggest the appropriate clothing for our weather. Even the very youngest six year old students gave him advice. The children are also preparing a surprise for Papa Carmelo.

From Carmelo...

Good morning,

I'd like to know what's temperature generally in Salisbury in May ( C degrees ) that to know what kind of clothes I have to put in my case.... Here in Central Italy winter came back and we have rain, wind, snow and a lot of cold. The central heating is still on, like in winter time.


We are using these two WWW sites to help us with the weather and temperature conversions to Celsius:

WBOC Weather Center and Weights and Measures.

Dear Papa Carmelo,

Hi! It is Lisa Wright and Ashley Campbell. We wanted to tell you about the weather here. It is mostly warm but can be a little misty. You need to bring spring clothes that are not warm but not too cool. Wear some things that are comfortable for you, so you can relax. The temperatures are about 10 - 15 degrees celsius here.

tuo corrispondente,
Lisa and Ashley

Dear Papa Carmelo,

Ciao !! Come sti ? That is all that I remember from the paper without it. Anything new in Italy? This is Ashleigh DeBord by the way. So what have you been up to? Nothing much here in Delmar. Has anyone been writing to you lately? I just can't wait till you come!!!! It is so cool!! Do you have any children? I never asked you that, but do you? You do not have to answer that though if you think that I am being too nosey. Well, I have to go.

PS - Write Back (Please)

Dear Pop-pa,

Hello! How are you doing? My name is Tracy. I think what you should wear to Delmar is a pair of pants and a T-shirt. That is what you should wear to our school.

Your Friend,

Dear Nonnino Carmelo,

Ciao!! Come stia ? Are you well ? I hope so!! Ashleigh Debord here., We are making something for you 2 things actually, but I do not know if I may tell you. I hope that you like the two things. Has Mrs.Weeg told you or not? I'm at libary and it is right in front of Kidlink so we asked the librarian Ms.Lewis if we could type letters back here. I am so sorry if I am bothering your work and packing while I am writing to you. You do not have to write Back. Well, I have to go. I am so excited about you coming here. Bye Bye!! Lots of hugs.

Your excited friend,
Ms. A
PS - Bye You can call me Ms.A

Dear Papa Carmelo,

Hi!!! How are you? I am fine. What have you been up to? Nothing much here. I just can't wait until you come. Mr. D is also coming to see us in May. We are going to be really busy getting ready for our visitors next month. I hope the weather is nice when you come. Who knows we might even be wearing shorts. We had an assembly today. The 4th and 5th grade chorus. Also the 5th and 6th grade band. You will really like it here. And the surprise that we are getting together for you, you will like too. I will try to do the weather for you as soon as I can. I have so many other things to do. Busy Busy Busy!!! Today it is going to rain but it is supposed to be 50 to 55 degrees today. At least that is what my dad told me anyway. I really hope it stops raining here. What has the weather been like in Italy? I can't wait until the Summer time. For one we don't have to go to school, two I get to go swimming, and three it is my birthday in July. I will be twelve years old. We have a fake thermometer that shows the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It makes it easier that way to tell the temperature in both ways. I know this is off the subject but when is your birthday? Mine is on July 19th. Well, I have to get back to class now.


Dear Pop Pop Carmelo,

Hi!!!!! How are you? It's me Gene. The temperature here is 59 degrees. If you make that celsius it is 15 degrees celsius. You could wear blue jeans, an undershirt, and a heavy t-shirt. Got to go. Bye

April 21, 1997

Dear Papa Carmelo,

How are you? You are nice. It is 60 degrees today and it might rain. Pack both summer and winter clothes.

Your friend,

April 21, 1997

Dear Papa Cormelo,

How are you? You are nice. Pack both summer and winter clothes. It is 60 F degrees today and it might rain. It is 16 degrees C.

Your friend,

April 21, 1997

Dear Mr. Carmelo,

You need to bring summer and winter clothes. I a m wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt today. It is 16 degrees c today.

Your friend,

April 21, 1997

Dear Mr. Carmelo.

You need to bring summer and winter clothes. I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants today. have a good trip.

Your friend,

Dear Pop-Pop Carmelo,

Hi!!!!!!! Me, Gene again. The temperature here is going to be 56 so make that 13 degrees celcius. You could wear a small jacket and shirt with blue jeans. It's still raining. You know what that means. Got to go. Bye-Bye

Ps: Write Back!!!

Dear Pop-Pop,

Hi, I am Teena. I think you should wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. It is cold and rainy. I have been wearing jeans and sweat shirts. It is about 43 F outside. I will see you on Friday.

Yours Truly,

Dear Pop-Pop Carmelo,

Hi!!!! It's me Gene. How are you doing? It's supposed to be 65 here. So that changes to 13 degrees celcius. You could wear a t-shirt and shorts or jeans. Wear a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. See' Ya'

Ps:See'Ya' Later!!

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