Project Explore

July 1989 - March 1990

"Sometimes it is like Antarctica has no not a place for man," said Jean-Louis one day in the middle of our journey. "But other times, when you have a very nice sky like today...I feel like I am in a big, wonderous temple." Will Steger

"The Pole. Great God! This is an awful place!" Robert F. Scott, January 17, 1912

PROJECT EXPLORE was a curriculum development and research activity of the MECC/University of Minnesota Center for the Study of Educational Technology using the services of the LEARNING LINK NATIONAL CONSORTIUM with additional funding from Panasonic Corporation.

The project was designed to correlate with the Trans-Antarctica Expedition by Will Steger and his international team in 1990. His book, Crossing Antarctica, published in 1991 is the incredible story of their journey across the bottom of the earth. The following files were posted by Learning Link and appeared on the early METNET system in Maryland. Many thanks to Carolyn Miller who saved these files years ago on her computer and made them available for us here today.

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Patricia A. Weeg
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