"... how we make meaningful connections for our students - how we transmit heartbeats along with the information" - Ellen Miyasato

Greetings from KIDLINK friends around the world!

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From Pakistan

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 12:59:16 -0400
From: Mahenaz Mahmud mahenaz@cyber.net.pk
Subject: message for ECELL summer school teachers

Asalam Alaikum everyone,

Some of you may know what this means... if not this is how we greet each other, and it means Peace be upon you.

What an exciting programme you have to look forward to during your summer break; if you have it again next year perhaps I will sneak myself in somehow. You know I must confess I am a bit envious of the ECELL and wish we had a similar programme here in Karachi, Pakistan.

Many people here are using the Internet but with a population of approximately 15 million the percentage is tiny. I don't know of any schools here that are using E-mail and Internet as a tool for delivery of the curriculm which I know is an amazing experience. I have had just a little glimpse into it a few years ago when Patti's girls and "my girls" wrote to each other. You see I don't teach in a school; I'm a teacher educator and just did this little experiment on the basis of which we now have funding to introduce it to some public sector schools later this year. Perhaps our kids could write to yours... I know Patti's girls will be writing to us :-)

The children get totally involved and learn independently and isn't that just what we want for our kids, that they learn how to learn and we can open up a whole new way and world for them. Other countries, customs, time zones come alive as they make friends and communicate with others around the globe. Language skills are enhanced as they learn to communicate and oh its just wonderful. I wish I could be in school again...

For teachers too it's great. Sharing innovative ideas, lesson plans for children working on joint projects, the list is endless. I just know you are going to have a wonderful time with Patti, I doubt it could be anything else. She and I are cyber-friends, (we have not met in the conventional sense and yet have shared an extraordinary amount of ourselves with each other) and the caring and energy that comes through the Internet never ceases to amaze me.

Have a great time, many warm wishes come your way from Karachi, Pakistan. Khuda Hafiz (May God be with you) and ALOHA



From Peru

From: "Veronica Rossana Pereyra Mora" veronica@america.edu.pe
Organization: Colegio America - C.H.S.
Date: Thu, 23 May 2000 08:53:10 -0500
Subject: Re: greetings for Hawaiin teachers

Hello dear Patti

Thanks for your message and many many greeting for your wonderful teachers at ECELL. Congratulations for all of you making this effort. I have students of 6 - 9 years old. If you are interested on having some kind of project... please, let me know.



From Poland

From: "Arkadiusz Z." EK030217@novci2.ae.poznan.pl
Organization: Akademia Ekonomiczna, Poznan, PL
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 10:33:27 GMT-1


from Poland


From Russia

Date: Tue, 23 May 00 13:35:11 +0400
From: Nicholay (Phil) Lastovka phil@child.ru

Hello from Moscow!

My best regards to "Electronic Collaborative Educational Learning Laboratory" and best wishes!

as ever,
with love from Russia
Nicholay (Phil) Lastovka
Moscow, Russia
Children club "Computer"


From South Africa

From: Liz Barrett liz@barrett.wcape.school.za
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 05:35:56 +0200

Dear Patti and teachers in Hawaii,

Greetings from Greenfield Girls' Primary in CapeTown, South Africa. We are a small school set in very beautiful gardens in a suburb called Kenilworth. We are very close to Table Mountain which is a well known landmark of South Africa. Do visit our school web site to learn more about us.


We enjoy doing projects with schools in the Global classroom. Our class has been working with a group in Gnesta , Sweden. We are so looking forward to learning more about Hawaii.

Kind Regards
Liz Barrett

** Don't Curse The Darkness; Light a Candle **
Home : +27 21 531-1957.... School : +27 21 797-0554
School Fax : +27 21 761-0924... eMail : lbarrett@greenfield.wcape.school.za
Mail : P.O. Box 53023, Kenilworth 7745, South Africa


From South Africa

From: Carolynn Bruton carolynn@bruton.wcape.school.za
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 20:24:02 +0200
Subject: More greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Patti and Hawaiian friends,

You are really fortunate to share Patti on a more regular basis and we know the power of her collaborative ideas and her quiet spontaneous manner when she attended a computer conference here in Cape Town in September last year.

We greet you from the"Mother City" of South Africa, from the Table Mountain with the table cloth (the shrouds of cloud which regularly surround our mountain), the two seas which separate our Cape Point (the Atlantic and the Indian) and of course, from my school, Springfield Convent Junior school - a girls' school where internet projects and e-mail and on-line collaboration have been made all that much richer through the example of you all. We greet you and wish you a successful and exciting ECELL Conference. View some of our recent projects:

The Bunny Readers (Grade 2's)


The grade 3's African tales - http://www.computers4kids.co.za/Afritalesfcj.htm

and the grade 5's "A day in the life of......"


We have had such fun and we look forward to sharing our ideas and resources with you all as well.

Have a wonderful conference and we greet you in three languages:

English: Hello fellow students from South Africa!
Xhosa: Molweni!
Afrikaans: Groete van Suid Afrika!

from Carolynn Bruton and the Springfielders Pre- school to Grade 7.

Home: Carolynn@bruton.wcape.school.za ph (021)6856925
School: Carbru@sfc.wcape.school.za ph +27 21 7979637 or +27 21 7977222
Web page: http://www.computers4kids.co.za/sfcj.htm
Springfield Convent Junior School
St John's Road
Wynberg 7700
South Africa


From Spain

From: "David Donat" ddonat@pie.xtec.es
Subject: Re: greetings for Hawaiian teachers
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 22:21:21 +0200

Hola Patti, hola amics,

Hello Patti, hello friends,

Sóc en David Donat, de Barcelona, Catalunya. Sóc professor de Tecnologia a l' IES Carles Riba. Us agradaria visitar el meu institut?

This is David Donat, from Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain). I am a teacher of Technology at "IES Carles Riba" (Secondary School, 12-18 years old, boys and girls). Would you like to visit my Institute?


Formo part de Kidlink des del juliol de 1999, així que ja he complert un any en aquesta família. Durant aquest curs els meus alumnes han participat en tres projectes telecol·laboratius i estic segur que el proper curs tornarem a repetir aquestes experiències. Aquestes i altres de noves. Moltes vegades aquest tipus de treball permet que col·laborin diferents matèries alhora i això és bo per als estudiants.

I am a Kidlinker since July 1999, so I am one year old in this family. During this course my students have participated in three "telecollaborative" projects (please, look at "Internet en els treballs" in my Secondary School's web) and I am sure that next course we will repeat these experiences again. These and new ones. Many times this kind of work allows collaboration between different subjects and it is good for students.

Estic segur que internet ens ajudarà molt i ens donarà moltes oportunitats a tots nosaltres, no només a nivell professional sinó també personal. El món se'ns torna global (que no vol dir pas petit) i les distàncies físiques ja no són són tan importants com la diversitat cultural dels habitants d'una mateixa ciutat. Podem utilitzar internet per a connectar amb tothom.

I am sure Internet will be very helpful and will give many opportunities to all of us, not only professionally but also personally. The world is becoming global to us (not just small) and now physical distances are not as significant as cultural diversity between persons who are living in the same city. We can use internet to connect with everybody.

Espero que disfruteu la vostra feina.

I hope you will enjoy your work.

Una abraçada.


From Sweden

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 21:02:48 +0200
From: Stellan Kinberg stellan.kinberg@netg.se

Hello colleagues and students at Electronic Collaborative Educational Learning Laboratory

I am a Science and Math teacher in Sweden in a K9 school


I teach only 2 classes in Science so 60 % of my work is dedicated to our computer institution who has about 50 computers (for 450 kids) and to the young kids in the techteam who help fix not working computers.

I have this year done a lot to get girls engaged in this work. I am still not happy with the results but they built among others 15 of our new computers and have documented part of their work in our school web site. We have so many skilled technicians among our girl students. I hope my work will one day contribute to get more of our girls to choose technical oriented secondary and high school.

I dedicate most of my sparetime to Kidlink. My main efforts this last two years has been to build up an Italian dialogue between Italian teachers and kids. We have now a nice Italian Kidlink site


a team with about 10 teachers and over 1000 schools connected to the two Italian mailing lists. It has been very interesting to follow their work to implement a global dialogue in the classroom. They all have spent many hours learning to use their computers, to send and receive emails and to explore the Internet, driven mainly by a strong need for a new way of teaching in the classroom. They now witness the positive effects on learning, having btw much more motivated kids in the classroom. They had for example to work hard to get the kids to learn English and about other cultures. Programs like WAI (Who Am I) were kids learn together with kids in other countries are powerful tools in the classroom.

The time and efforts spent to get the kids and yourself online are none and soon forgotten, when you experience the positive results in the classroom. I hope to see you all, soon online. In Kidlink! :)

Many greetings from a green and sunny Sweden!

Stellan Kinberg


From Switzerland

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 22:33:15 +0200
From: Roland Egli rolandegli@bluewin.ch

Hy Patti,

Here are my greetings to the teachers in Hawaii:

"gruezi mitenand"

I send you greetings from a little country in the heart of Europe, that is well known to most people as the land of the banks, the chocolate and the watches. But we also teach our students to give money to the poors, to eat also other things than chocolate and to forget time from time to time. I hope you guessed that I live in Switzerland.

Welcome at Kidlink


From the United Kingdom

From: Helen Walland helen@ramtops.demon.co.uk
Subject: Greetings to Hawaii
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 21:26:30 +0100

Hi! Best wishes to everyone on the Hawaiian Course. I'm sure you will learn a great deal and be looking forward to using the ideas in your classrooms.

I teach a Yr4 (8&9 year olds) in a primary school in the Midlands of England. We have just got a network of 16 PCs and we are finding many ways to use them in our teaching. The British government have declared their intention that every teacher and two thirds of the children in Britain will have an email address by 2002. They are putting a lot of money into schools for this purpose.

I hope our children will be taking part in many Kidlink projects over the next few years.

Who knows we may be working with one of your classes!

Helen Walland


From the United Kingdom

Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 11:51:58 +0100
From: Liz Exton lizex@cableinet.co.uk
Subject: Re: greetings for Hawaiian teachers

Hello friends in Hawaii!

I hope you're all enjoying the ECELL summer school. I'm writing to you from England, where we are having a sunny day (for a change!). I live in a city called Bristol and my global address is about 2.5 degrees West and 51.5 degrees North.

I went to visit the students at Patti Weeg's school last summer and we had a great time. Before the trip they prepared me for American money and I took a fistful of English coins with me for them to have a look at. It was fun comparing them, working out how much each one was worth. I never did find out why there are no women on American money, though:-)

Enjoy the summer school!
Liz Exton


From Texas, USA

From: "Barbara Hunter" behunter@teacher.esc4.com
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 22:27:05 -0400

Hello teachers!

Patti tells me you are the hardest working teachers in the world! I hope this is right......to use new technology takes dedication.

I teach Grades 3, 4, and 5 computer technology. I started this job in '83 with Apple IIe's and have progressed to absolutely fabulous hardware this year. I learned about KIDLINK in '93 and must say it is the *best* global (in all senses of the word global) educational tool there is.

Please take the time to participate in KIDLINK. Yes, it *does* take an enormous amount of time, but it will be worth every minute you spend on it! I started KIDLINK with a shared phone line and dial-up 9600 baud modem....so whatever you now have, KIDLINK will be possible! ;-)

Try to teach your children globally.....what you take for granted is unknown to most of your students....I say that from personal learning....little things I teach and share in terms of our world is "news to them".

Have a great learning session. I envy you!

Warm regards,
Barbara Hunter

Barbara Hunter..................behunter@teacher.esc4.com
Barbers Hill Intermediate.......Mt. Belvieu, Texas USA
TENET Master Trainer............29 50 51 N
KIDLINK SUPTEAM.................94 53 26 W


From Uruguay

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 11:08:02 -0300
From: Mirian Gregori mgregori@varela.reu.edu.uy
Subject: Felicitaciones!!!

Hola Patti:

Saludos desde Uruguay para maestros de Hawaii

Cariños Mirian Gregori


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